Immense amounts of research took place at the adidas lab in Herzogenaurach during the design process for the newly released adidas X15 boot. Get to hear from some of the adidas fellas who put together the new silo here.

adidas have always been incredibly dedicated to continuous innovation and research, but during the construction of the the new X15 they took things to entirely new heights. Watch along as a group of the adidas designers show off just how much work was put into developing the brand new concept for the football boot of the future.

Every feature of the adidas X15 is built for chaos. The countless new technologies, which have never been seen before in adidas football, will help volatile players like Gareth Bale, Luis Suarez and Arjen Robben explode into life and put a game on its head in seconds.

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Watch the video and get unique insight from the all-star line-up of adidas designers, who really give a great behind the curtains view of all the work that was put into the design of the new revolution from adidas. What do you think about the new X, is this the boot you will be destroying order and causing chaos with?