The football eyes of the world were all looking towards Berlin over the weekend, where Barcelona ended up victories, and could lift the trophy with the big ears. But before the big final took place, something was happening elsewhere in Berlin. If you ask adidas, the location was called The Base. We were there all the way, and it looked something like this…

From the moment we stepped into The Base, we knew that this would be something big. And just minutes into it we found ourselves chatting to Mesut Özil and Ander Herrera about the new adidas revolution of football boots. Özil had nothing but praise for adidas and the new Ace15, which will be his weapon of choice. For him the Ace15 is a perfect match and he had truly enjoyed working with adidas on the project. Herrera just needed a week to break in the boot, but from then on he could also confirm that the boot fits like a dream.

If you’re also liking the new Ace and X from adidas, then you can find them right here.

After chatting to the two adidas stars, it was play time; including a 2v2 tournament, where SkillTwins, Özil and F2 Freestylers had been asked to judge the tournament in terms of of the level of skills shown on the court. The tournament really took off as Zinedine Zidane stepped into the arena together with his sons. Without exaggerating, this event had it all; we are talking DJ’s, light show and plenty of football fun - in other words: It was paradise!

Adidas brought out the big guns in connection with the Champions League final in Berlin. We got to mingle both with Özil, Sean Garnier and not forgetting Zizou. Nothing short of a mind blowing experience!