The Premier League kicks off on Saturday and this entire week you have definitely been able to feel a buzz around the Unisport offices. We have caught up with a handful of fans from a number of different clubs to hear what they thought the season had in store for their club…

Niilo (Chelsea)

I've been Chelsea fan as long as I can remember. I like the type of football where you try to go forward and counter attack as quickly as possible. That is exactly what "The Blues" try to implement with the players like Hazard and Costa. Also I look forward to seeing how Falcao's season starts, with new teammates and tactic. In my opinion Man United’s strategy wasn't the right one for the Colombian, and our tactic will be more suitable for the player. I really would like to see the good old Falcao again, and I believe that next season we will.

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Mathias (Aston Villa)

I’ve been a Villa supporter ever since I was born and the year I was born, was also the year we won our last trophy. I’ve never tried supporting a team that actually wins, but I imagine it’s a bit boring and a lot less frightening towards the end of the season. I would say there is cause for hope this season, because there is fierce competition for places in our team, so everyone will be giving it 100%. To predict where we'll finish is almost impossible, but as long as we improve on last season and avoid a relegation battle I’ll be happy enough for now.

Niclas (Manchester United)

For me, it all started in 1996 when Manchester United signed Ole Gunnar Solskjaer from Molde. Since then, I've been a Red Devil and I can't really say that it has been a tough time. We've been a bit spoiled with trophies and victories during the years but the last couple of seasons has really been a test for our loyalty. I like the reinforcements we've done on our midfield but I'm still a bit worried about our central defence and also our striking force. Reaching Champions League through playoff is a must, and the same goes with ending up at top four in the Premier League this season. It might not be likely, but I really hope we can challenge the other big teams in the trophy-race. I'd say Chelsea and Arsenal are our biggest competitors this season.

Danny (Manchester City)

I've been a City fan for quite some time and I've visited the Etihad Stadium several times. Ahead of this season it's nice that we didn't lose too many players. I hope there will be a better balance in midfield so Toure won't have to do all the work and maybe even replicate his 13/14 season. If Agüero and Silva stay fit and Kompany ends his struggling form of last season, I think we have a chance of competing for the title. There are many "if's" though, and that is why I think we will end 2nd or 3rd, with Chelsea and Arsenal battling with us. I don't see Man Utd as a title contender, but we will have to work hard to stay in front of them!

Marius (Arsenal)

I have huge expectations for this season, and I think it will be closer than ever! Even though I'm an Arsenal-man, I can't quite see us going all the way.. I am afraid Chelski will win again with Arsenal in a close second. The reasons: - Chelsea won clear last year, and I can't see them playing any worse. - Arsenal are now on a roll, with some of the "younger" players gaining a lot of experience. Also the signing of Cech is HUGE for us. Only missing a top, top striker and a holding midfielder. I support my team because I love the philosophy of the club, the type of football we play and the great Arsene Wenger. Even though the lack of tropies has been unbearable, the way we have handled our challenges is something to be proud of. I have been a Arsenal fan since i was 9-10 years old, and seen players like Henry, Bergkamp and Viera live. I hope we get back to our golden days. 49 UNDEFEATED!! #inwengerwetrust

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Thomas (Tottenham)

I’d rather talk about belief, hope and love, rather than expectations. I hope we will get a top four spot and I think that’s within reach. I’d say it would require one or two strong signings in attack, as the team looks a little lackluster in that department. Possibly a slightly more experienced player in the number six position too. The other top sides have shown far more ambition on the transfer market this summer, which does make me fear for next season. I’ve been a Tottenham supporter for many years now, so I’ve experienced the ups and downs. Now it’s up to the Spurs from White Hart Lane and especially Kane, Eriksen and Lloris to spur us on to victory.

Mathias (Liverpool)

I’m a little unlike other Liverpool supporters and a realist. These last few seasons have been almost fantastic, but this season's signings really give me hope for next season's games. Last summer the players we bought weren’t really proven stars, but Benteke has shown that he has what it takes to compete in the Premier League at the very highest level. He is a big game player and will hopefully help carry us into the top four. A top four finish is the target in any case.

There are a lot of opinions and if you count up the predictions from the fans we asked here at Unisport, then someone is definitely going to be wrong, because there isn't space enough in the top four. Who do you think will be the top four teams at the end of next season?