Now it’s finally official. It’s been a long time coming and hardly comes as a massive surprise to anyone, but Angel Di Maria is finally a Paris Saint Germain player. He never reached the heights we all know he could at Manchester United, but has he lost his mojo? I don’t think so and just to remind people of what he is capable of, here is a little top five of his best moments…

5 - (Manchester United) - Cheeky lob He hadn’t been there long and Man United fans lost their minds when they saw this pearler. Such cheek, skill and elegance was everything he was supposed to be, but never quite managed. Let’s hope to see it for PSG.

4 - (Real Madrid) - Breaking Puyol’s ankles Sorry Barca fans, but this one had to feature. It’s probably a good indication of just how good a player is, when he can do this to one of the greatest defenders of all time. Quick feet in one of the biggest game in the world - the El Classico.

Angel Di Maria will wear the number 11 for Paris Saint Germain - you can get your new PSG shirt right here.

3 - (Real Madrid) - Rabona assist Early Real Madrid years and possibly Angel Di Maria’s finest so far. The Rabona is somewhat of a signature move for him and although he used it to assist in this clip, he has scored plenty of goals like this too.

2 - (Argentina) - Long Range Rocket This goal came in a game, where both Angel Di Maria and his team could do no wrong. It just goes to show how many different aspects there are to his game, when he can display incredibly finesse, as well as long range rockets.

1 - (Benfica) - Panna and Rabona goal Alright, so this one is my favourite probably mostly because I’m a sucker for a good panna and this was also probably how I would have acted in the given situation. If you completely destroy the defender and take it through the legs like that, you have to follow up with the Rabona - the other goals are great, but this is my number 1 spot.

Angel Di Maria will wear the number 11 for Paris Saint Germain - you can get your new PSG shirt right here.

Paris Saint Germain could make a lot of United fans sad, if Di Maria start lighting up pitches like we know he can. Let’s hope we get to see him play his best again, because talent like this needs to be shown off. Do you think we will see more amazing goals from the Brilliant Argentinian?