Back in 2005 Ronaldinho broke the internet, when Nike Football unveiled a special ad that almost everyone has seen now. Now 10 years on, Nike have remastered the video and also remastered the famous boot in the video.

The awesome video was the first video to ever reach 1 million views on YouTube and now Nike pay homage to the legendary player and boots. Alright, it took a little time, but eventually we all had to accept that even though Ronaldinho was an amazing player, this was a little too insane and therefore fake.

That the video was a little too good to be true, didn’t however take anything away from the R10 Tiempo boots the iconic Brazilian wore, when performing the stunt, which truly were a piece of football boot art.

Only 3000 pairs will be made available worldwide, so you need to sign up here, if you want any hope of getting them. - They will be up on the 2nd of September.

The very recognisable boot tongue is one I remember very clearly and I’m so hyped that Nike have seen it fit to include it on the Tiempo V remake. Everything about the new boot is perfect and honestly I couldn’t imagine what they could do to make it better.

10 years on and still as iconic as ever. This boot was released earlier today and already now I can see that I’m not the only one, who is insanely excited for this boot. Are you among the boots new fans?