While the temperature outside is rising, albeit not as quickly as we would like, Nike turn up the heat with a new range of colourway updates. The bold and sizzling colours have once again made their way to the shelves. This is the Nike Intense Heat Pack.

If there is one thing that characterizes Nike’s design, then it has to be lively and strong colours. Nike pride themselves on finding colour-combinations that really stand out and as we head into the decisive phase of the season, it’s time to really turn up the heat and bring home some trophies.

The new Intense Heat Pack colours will be available on the 27th of March. - Sign up for them here.

There are always plenty of opinions and views when it comes to new colourway updates and this one is no exception. We asked a couple of people from our offices what they thought about Nike’s new Summer collection, and they had the following to say:

Christian Brolykke, who is a graphics designer, said the following: “The new Nike colours look super fresh. Especially the Tiempo and Magista are going to look amazing on the feet of the Dutch national team!”

Christian Ameen, our WebTV producer did however not share his enthusiasm: “It’s always cool with colours, but this is a little too much for my liking. I would like some calmer colours to contrast the really sharp look.”

Joltter naturally also had something to say about the new colours: “The Superfly looks mean! Definitely one of the best colourways so far. I love the purple swoosh on all four boots, something new and fresh. This new Hypervenom is however not my thing. Haha!”


The temperature has definitely been turned up a couple of notches on Nike’s newest colourway updates and as you can see there are plenty of different opinions on the design. What do you think about them? Share your thoughts with us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat.