Nike continue to bring us little tasters of their next big innovation, which is the new Nike Magista football boot that is set to land on 6.3.14. They have now presented us with the boot and even though it is covered by a veil, there are still plenty of hints, as to what the boot will look like. Read along here.

Earlier this week Nike really caught our attention, when they showed the world their latest teaser for the coming Nike Magista football boot in a video, where the boot was completely pixilated. Now they continue the trend and have given us an even better look at the Magista. The boot looks like it has taken all rules for football boots and thrown them directly out the window.

On the latest teaser picture Nike have tossed a semi-see-through veil over the Nike Magista, which reveals some parts of the new boot. The one thing you notice first is the shape, which is nothing like anything we have seen before.

Things point towards that the word “boot” will be more accurate than ever, as the Magista looks to be quite a bit taller than a regular football boot, - however only time will tell what Nike have up their sleeves. Another thing you quickly spot is the colour, with a yellow tint visible from behind the veil. We certainly can’t wait much longer…

One man, who hasn’t had to wait, is Mario Götze, who has already gotten his hands on the new Nike Magista – and even though Nike let us have a little peak, they still pixilated Götzes Magista boot.

Nike Magista will be launched on the 6th of March 2014 and until the veil is completely drawn back by Nike, we have to wait and see what Nike have in store for us. What do you think the Magista will bring and what are your thoughts on the teasers? Share your thoughts with us in the box down below.