If there is one team to keep your eyes on at the forthcoming World Cup, then it is without a doubt the Germans. In November the German national team’s home shirt was unveiled, ready for the world cup in Brazil and now the away shirt has arrived. Adidas have certainly not disappointed with the design, take a closer look here.

Few can match the impressive and proud World Cup tradition, which the Germans certainly have. When the German players pull on the shirt, they need to exude the pride that runs through “Die Nationalmannschaft".

Adidas are however with this away-shirt going slightly against tradition. Historically speaking we are used to seeing the Germans wearing a green away kit, but in the last few years the Germans have been flirting a little with the red and black colours. In Brazil the Germans will now for the first time be wearing a black/red shirt, with horizontal stripes, along with black shorts and socks.

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When looking at the new away kit you can’t help, but think it slightly resembles the Brazilian clubside Flamengo. Even though the German style of play is quite different from the samba football played in the streets of Rio de Janeiro, Mesut Özil is very happy with the similarity: “It will certainly bring us luck at the World Cup in Brazil”.

If we go close to the shirt, we can see that Adidas have incorporated some fine lines into the shirt, which move horizontally. These lines are far from a coincidence. They represent the strong team spirit and integration, which the German team has always possessed.

Get your hands on the new Germany shirt here - Prices start at just €58.

With this away shirt there is no doubt that Adidas have tried to create a shirt, which is far more than just a football shirt. Jürgen Rank, who is the Chief Designer for football clothing at Adidas, explains: “The shirt is a strong declaration, which shows the young Germans fashion conscious lifestyle, their openness and unconventional attitude.”

Thusly Adidas have created a shirt, which catches the eye and has a modern and stylish design. The football shirt, which also has a rugby-inspired collar, can therefore just as well be used for days at the beach, or garden parties.

Get your hands on the new Germany shirt here - Prices start at just €58.

Germany have with their new away shirt already broken a few traditions and created a stylish set, which still expressed the German pride. Do you think the shirt can help Germany break another, albeit less jolly, tradition on the pitch and become the first European side to win a World Cup in South America? And what do you think about their new shirt? As always we invite you to share your thoughts here, or on Facebook and Twitter.