This summer it's time for the World Cup in Brazil an event that naturally is a sure cause for celebration. Nike have created a beautiful World Cup third shirt that celebrates the diversity found in the Brazilian culture.

When Neymar and the rest of Seleção enter the pitch for the opening match against Croatia on the 12th of June this year, an entire Brazilian nation will be ready in front of the TV screen to follow their chosen ones. And it is exactly this Brazilian nation that Nike have in mind when designing the new third shirt for the Brazilians.

The new Brazilian alternative football shirt has been made with a very dark green nuance. This colour has been selected for two reasons. The first, and most important, is a reference to the beautiful Brazilian nature. 60% of the world's largest rainforest, the Amazon, is located in Brazil. Is is both a nice gesture, and very much understandable that Nike decides to dedicated a Brazilian national team shirt to the incredible Brazilian nature.

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The exciting and colourful Brazilian night life is the second reason for why Nike have gone with this dark green colour. The symbolism is associated with the look of a Brazilian city at night. With the yellow glow coming from the Swoosh logo and the Brazilian football association's logo, one may say that the shirt provides associations to the night life in a Brazilian metropolis. The logo is reflective, just as we know it from the Reflective Pack football boots that Nike launched about a month ago.

In connection with this shirt, Nike have also worked together with den Brazilian designer Bruno Big. He has delivered artistic decors on the inside of the collar, where you can see a hand doing a figa. This is Brazilian for 'fingers crossed', and is believed to provide luck in accordance with traditional superstition.

The shirt is developed with a focus on innovation in terms of the materials used. Nike have made use of the latest technology, and the weight of the shirt has been reduced by 20% when compared to the previous national team shirt.

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In addition, Nike have also worked hard to create the optimal fit. They have done body scans of the entire team in order to find the perfect formula for a shirt that is slim-fit, while also being very comfortable.

The shirt is made of Nike's Dri-FIT material, which serves to wick moisture and sweat from your body. Something that is certain to be highly relevant in the Brazilian summer heat, and the idea is that the players can perform better when their bodies have a nice and comfortable temperature, and they do not overheat.

Along with the shirt, Nike have also launched a pair of very special shorts. The shorts are kept in the same colour as the shirt, but with horizontal yellow, blue and green stripes running across. This has been made as a reference to surfing; another hugely popular sports in Brazil. Moreover, the short as slightly longer than traditional football shorts. This is also made to provide associations to surfing.

It shall certainly be exciting to see if Neymar and co. will have success at the World Cup. What do you think of the new Brazilian third shirt? Is it a shirt you want to add to your collection? Take your football passion to a social level and share your comments on Facebook and Twitter.