It's summertime, so why not enjoy it to the fullest. It's time to hit the great outdoors, and maybe even go to the beach. In this regard, we have packed the ultimate beach bag, so come along and check out what we have thrown in there.

We all know the feeling. The summer is coming and it's vacation time for a lot of us. For some, this also means taking a break from their beloved football, but we see no reason for that. We have gathered the ultimate vacation/beach bag, for you to bring everywhere. Here is all you to get your football fix.

Maybe you are going abroad. Maybe you are travelling about in your home country, or maybe you are just going to your local beach or park. No matter what you are up to, there is no reason to compromise on entertainment on your trip. You can, for example, bring your Apple iPad and play a football game, or just surf the internet. Are you more into hard copies and written media, you may go for a FourFourTwo magazine, and keep up to date on what goes on in the world of football. Right now.

You may also wanna zone all out and relax with some of your favourite tunes on your Apple iPhone, which make it very easy to listen to your favourite music. Are you looking for good sound then a set of headphones from Beats by Dre is a good choice, and will provide both comfort, nice design and proper sound.

So far so good. But what are you gonna wear? Let's give it a go, starting from the bottom. When we are talking style and fashion, the Italians are known to deliver. To be more precise we are looking at the Diadora Titan Sneakers that manage to combine a sporty look with an old school and stylish look. Den perfect summer shoe? Maybe. Anyway, it is a sure contender.

As we are talking about going to the beach, you, of course, also need a pair of beach shorts. The Nike GF Retro Team are some of the coolest shorts that come to our minds, and they will also match the previously mentioned sneakers very well. The shorts are equipped with pockets both on the side and the back, hereby enabling you to keep your most important belongings on you. To pull over your head, we may recommend an elegant polo, which is a must during the summer time. Not only does it look super sharp, you are also able to pop the collar Cantona style if the sun is getting a little heavy in the back of your neck.

Now, it will probably get boring just lying about on the beach all day; it's time to play some football. You don't need much fancy equipment, the basics will do fine in this case. Boots are essential, and right now the Nike Hypervenom are the talk of the town. Vacation or not, nobody wants to get blister on their feet, and we therefore recommend that you throw in a pair of Trusox also. Then you won't have to think about it.

What else should go in the bag? Check out our Football365 site, where you will find our huge selection of fashion wear, sneakers and more goodies.

Have you packed your bag for the summer vacation yet? Did you have something completely different in mind? We would like to hear what you put in your bag when you are going for the summer holidays? Feel free to drop a comment in the comment box or on Facebook and Twitter.