Football is a lifestyle, which is no longer limited to the field of play or the stands that surround it. It now takes up an even greater part of our day to day affairs; what we do in our spare time, what we watch on TV and crucially how we dress. Especially the latter of the three has developed and now Nike Sportswear are ready with the new collections of smart fashion wear, which gives you 'The Look of Sport'.


One of the new fashion lines in the new collection, focuses on FC Barcelona. Here the designers from Nike took inspiration from the iconic colours of the club, as well as some of the most legendary kits used throughout the clubs glorious history. This is well illustrated by the retro Barcelona Vintage 73 t-shirt, which is modelled on the left by FCBs Marc Bartra.

We have gathered all the best from the new Nike Sportswear-collection on a new campaign site, we call The Look of Sport, which you can find right here.

Barcelona-stars Sergio Busquets, Thiago Alcantara, Pedro Rodriguez and Marc Bartra in the video show off parts of the new NSW-collection, which has special focus on FC Barcelona. Hoodies, Sneakers, t-shirts and much more can be found on our new campaign site Look of Sports, which you can find right here.

The new Barcelona-inspired NSW-collection will be worn by the Barca players as a part of their official kit. The video, which you can find on our campaign site, will therefore not be the only place, where you will see the stars showing them off, in fact you will see them wearing the awesome outfits on a frequent basis.

Nike Sportswear combine design and innovation in true American spirit. The elegant design is backed up by Nikes most prominent technologies; for example you will find DriFit-technology on several of the collections t-shirts, which transports sweat away from your skin. This makes them incredibly comfortable, even if you find yourself dragged into a spontaneous little kick about, just like the Barca-boys do in the video – all this while still keeping The Look of Barcelona.

The new NSW-collection also covers Manchester United and this 1968 Retroshirt will definitely not look out of place in your wardrobe. The long sleeved t-shirt is based on the legendary shirt from 1968, which was the year that The Red Devils won their first Europa Cup.

Nike have really captured the essence of the English club in their Made of Manchester-phrase.

Since Nike took over responsibility for the French national team, there has been great focus on the French footballing culture – and since they also design for the French capitals biggest club Paris Saint Germain, they have allowed themselves to be inspired by the very fashion conscious countries cool and diverse styles, thus capturing “The Look of France.”

With the Brazilian national team Nike had an excellent opportunity to let loose their creative toils and harness the heart and soul of the beautiful, free spirited and football enthusiastic country, with deep roots in the art of street- and beach football. Much of this passion and fresh thinking has been gathered in their Look of Brazil, where you will find the iconic match shirt, nice track tops and naturally t-shirts in the popular and much adored Canarinho-colours.

Football is no longer about just the play on the pitch – for billions around the globe it is a lifestyle and nothing you can just turn on and off. The new Nike Sportswear-collections are therefore perfect for anyone, who lives and breathes for football. No matter if you show off your club colours, or just the team affiliation neutral Look of Football, which is full of the many nice shirts and sneakers from Nike.

Do you also want to be inspired by football and your clubs colours in your spare time? Visit our Look of Football-campaign site here.

Love for a club and the sport itself stretches way beyond the pitch and its chalked lines and for many fans, having the club logo on your shirt, is the same as wearing your heart on your sleeve (and often they correlate). Do you also wear your clubs colours on a daily basis – and what do you think about Nikes Look of Football? Give us your thoughts down below.