Today is truly a launch, for the boot worlds gourmet-crowd. Puma have in collaboration with the motorcycle-giants, Ducati, produced this super light and ultra nice Puma EvoSpeed 1 SL Ducati – it's 158 grams of pure exclusivity, of which only 655 pairs will be made. We give you, as the only company in Scandinavia, the opportunity to purchase a piece of football-boot history, so you gotta be quick!

Puma and Ducati have for several years, had a tight-knit relationship as business-partners and this year they've come together, to produce an absolutely fantastic piece of football-technology. Combining their forces has led to the production and development of the Puma EvoSpeed 1 SL Ducati, that is a perfect mixture of Ducatis Italian passion for design, technology and speed, as well as, Pumas German eye for detail, quality and innovation. Do you have a taste for the “cream of the crust” on the market? Or are you on the look out for a new collectable? Then now is the time to strike!

With a weight of just 158 grams, the Puma Evospeed 1 SL Ducati has the honor of being the lightest boot on sale, at the current point in time. It more than deserves the exclusive SL-badge of approval, that manifests the “Super-light” weight. Furthermore, the race-boot can boast of being the third lightest boot, ever made in history and that is saying something.

Puma EvoSpeed 1 SL Ducati differs from the regular Evospeed 1, especially with the stud-system and the upper, which are worthy of recognition. An ultra skinny and flexible microfiber-upper, is the main reason behind the incredibly low weight, because it's so thin. This also makes for a phenomenally sharp touch on the ball. Furthermore the upper has been emblazoned with a tribute to Italian Ducati, so you're never in doubt, where this boot has it's roots.

If we turn our attention to the bottom of the boot, we can see they have used the extremely popular PEBAX-studsystem, from the Puma v1.11 SL, where the middle of the sole has been reinforced with carbon-fibre. Puma EvoSpeed 1 SL Ducati is tailored for speed and acceleration and when you hold the boot in your hand you know; Ducati and Puma have done a immaculate piece of work. The German quality is apparent for all to see, just as the fiery passion of the Italians shines through!

To optimise fit and comfort, something Puma are world renowned for, they have have used the AptoLast, that follows the foots natural features and therefore makes sure, it fits like a dream. It's of course up to you, whether or not to use your Puma Evospeed 1 SL Ducati, or if you want to mount them on a pedestal, as an eternal tribute to the fantastic collaboration between Ducati and Puma.

“PUMA and Ducati are both strong and emotive brands with a history of innovation and technology, which makes this product collaboration a great initiative,” commented Terence Parris, Head of International Marketing Teamsport at PUMA. ”As Ducati has such a strong association with speed, the brand is a perfect partner for our successful SPEED silo in the football category. (EvoSpeed, Red) We are really excited to enhance the partnership with Ducati by creating a product that offers such synergy.”

We are immensely proud of being the only proprietor, in Scandinavia, who are able to offer such a limited and exclusive product to our customers and we are certain you will be as enthused by the Puma EvoSpeed 1 SL Ducati as we are. Remember, it'll be here in extremely limited stock, where only 655 pairs will be produced worldwide. So will you be among the lucky few, who can brag of owning a pair?

Puma EvoSpeed 1 SL Ducati can already be pre-ordered here with an expected date of arrival in the beginning of November. – For just 226€

We are head over heels, for the ultra-light Puma EvoSpeed 1 SL Ducati, with a colourway that does the Italian motorcycle-giant justice and with technology that is Agüero worthy. But what do you think? Are you getting one of the just 655 pairs, produced worldwide? Tell us in the comments-section down bellow.