It has been on its way for a while, but now we can finally present a truly revolutionary goalkeeper product. It guarantees that your gloves will get a better grip, and it will also bring your older gloves back to life. We welcome the exciting Glove Glu from Responseball Footballs.

Glove Glu brings new life to your new or old gloves, a new and improved grip and a better experience as a goalkeeper. Thanks to a unique formula, this has actually been possible, and it is working very well, also according to the professionals.

Boaz Myhill, goalkeeper for the English club Birmingham FC says: “Glove Glu is the ideal way to make your gloves last even longer. It works very well in wet weather conditions – I had really not expected it to work that well in rainy weather.”

The unique formula enables you to use Glove Glu both before, during, and after a match or training – no matter the weather conditions. Hereby, you will have the chance to always be well prepared and optimise the grip of your gloves, as well as, your confidence as a goalkeeper. The enhanced grip is especially an advantage in wet weather conditions, as this is where a lot of goalkeeper gloves lose their grip. And remember, the effect is not only relevant for you new gloves, it will also help your older gloves last a little longer than they normally would.

The bottle is only 10 cm and can easily be kept in the goal or in your bag, hereby you will always have a little extra instant grip right at hand. This enables you to provide your gloves with that little extra, which might just be the difference between a win or a loss. Glove Glu also gives you the chance to keep your older gloves alive, or maybe even your training gloves. Hereby, you don't need to wear and tear, for example, your new match gloves.

The final key advantage of Glove Glu is how easy it is to apply. You simply spray it onto the palm of your glove, ensure that it covers all of the ball contact area, rub the gloves together and let it dry for a few seconds. Now your gloves are fit for fight, ready to make that crucial save and hold on to whatever strike comes at you. No more costly mistakes due to lack of grip – Glove Glu has arrived.

You can order your bottle of Glove Glu right here, and we will ship it to you right away – only €13.

We are very excited to learn more about Glove Glu, and we would love to hear your opinion on this revolutionary product also. Do you think it does the job? Maybe you have already tried it? What do you think of it? Feel free to let us know what you think in the comment field just below.