Since England won the World Cup in 1966, it’s not been an easy life as an England supporter. Humongous expectations, sometimes justified, other times not so much, have always been set for the english national team time and time again. The 5th of December 2009 was the epitome of this!

There was almost ecstasy in England following the group draw for the World Cup in South Africa 2010. The Sun probably didn’t believe in jinxes, because the day after the draw, they published a rather bold front page with the text ‘EASY’ and the text “Best English group since The Beatles”. While it may be absolutely sensational play on words (hats of from me), it backfired horribly.

Fair do’s, things could have looked different if Lampard hadn’t been cheated out of a goal against Germany in the round of 16 finals, but that doesn’t change the fact that England’s starstudded team looked absolutely awful from start to finish.

Two draws, one win and a goal difference of 2-1, saw them finish second behind the Yanks, which then meant they had to face Ze Germans. They got absolutely demolished and I doubt we will ever be seeing any cocky newspaper articles after the draw for Euro 2016.

The Sun were a little too quick on the trigger, when they declared England’s World Cup group easy. It makes you wonder, will football ever come home?