It’s the first El Clasico this season and the hype is real! Both Real Madrid and Barcelona have been cruising this season and making light work of most of their opposition. Through the years we have seen some pretty insane goals and we thought a good way to warm up for tonight’s game was counting down our favourites. No easy task I might add…

5. Santiago AragĂłn

I’ll admit I got some help from some of my older colleagues, who remembered this goal and demanded it featured, because I didn’t know Santiago Aragón. This goal is however well worthy of a spot in our top 5, especially when you consider it’s Zubizarreta (who I definitely knew who was) he lobbed.

4. Romario

The Romario trick!! This goal is absolutely pure filth and sparked an entire generation of players who try to do this trick whenever they get the chance. No one does it better than the inventor though.

3. Gareth Bale

One of the most memorable El Clasico memories in the last few years for sure. Marc Batra is by no means slow, but Gareth Bale made him look like an absolute fool! He was pushed over the sidelines, but still somehow managed to blaze past the Barca defender. I still don’t quite believe it’s true when I see it.

2. Ronaldinho

Probably the most memorable El Clasico memory, and if you ask me, the second best goal scored in the infamous showdowns history. Ronaldinho’s insane solo effort and overall performance was so good that even the Real Madrid fans had to applaud him in the end.

1. Lionel Messi

Running past 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 defenders - simple stuff when you’re Lionel Messi. This is maybe Lionel Messi’s best goal ever and what a game to do it in! There are no other player in the world who can do this…

There are so many good goals from El Clasico and this is just a handful of the ones that I think are the best. I could imagine some of you disagree and there are certainly some that could easily have made it too, like David Villa and Julio Baptista. Do you agree with the choices?