The Nike Hypervenom Radiant Reveal Pack - Feeling the spring vibe yet?


Written by Mathias Boughey-Svendsen

Throughout the week we have been taking closer looks at all the new Nike Radiant Reveal boots. To cap off our run-through we now get a better view of the Hypervenom. Checkit!

Nike have had a pretty extreme week to say the least. Their Innovation Summit, which was held in New York, has understandably stolen all the headlines and with the Superfly V hype we are a little ashamed to say we almost forgot the Radiant Reveal Pack for a second there.

The fresh Radiant Reveal Pack design celebrates the shift from dark winter to lighter, brighter and better spring days. The vibrant design has naturally also found its way to the Nike Hypervenom collection and I didn’t think it was at all possible, but it actually makes the wild animal print on the sole look even wilder. If you want eye-catching boots, then the new Nike Hypervenom from the Radiant Reveal pack is definitely the way to go!

The Nike Hypervenom Radiant Reveal boots will be available from the 29th of March. You can sign up for them right here.