The Puma King has unique position on the boot market, as one of the boots out there with the longest lifetime. The boot has been about ever since the sixties, and today it has developed to become a world class boot that doesn't compromise on neither comfort, touch nor control. Now it's back with a brand new colourway.

The Puma King collection may be regarded as one of the most successful and iconic throughout time, where a range of the worlds best footballers have entertained us on the pitch across the world. Pelé, Maradona and Eusébio to mention a few of the legends that have taken part in making the Puma King that icon that it is today.

And now the king is back in a brand new colourway, which looks to become a hit. Black is the dominant colour on the new boot, and it is nicely complemented by a sky blue and a white colour; the result is a boot that is both classic, yet also modern in its look.

Are you looking to get your hands on the new Puma King, then you can see much more right here – price €154.

The combination of the elegance and class of the history mixed with modern technologies makes the Puma King a recurring classic that cannot be missed. It is not without reason that it has been on the market for as long as it has, and is surely not thinking about retirement any time soon.

The Puma King has always been known for it's extremely nice leather upper and in this regard nothing is new. We are talking about an incredibly soft calf leather, which Puma have tanned in order to provide the soft and supple feel that we know. The result is the top quality comfort that we know and expect from this boot.

This also provides the Puma King with a fantastic and natural touch on the ball, which is associated with top level leather boots. Touch has also been a primary focus point for Puma, as they in connection with the launch of the new King also presented their new TouchCell technology.

Puma have, for their King boot, developed a last called ComfortLast. As the name implies, it's all about the comfort, and Puma have for a while had a wish to enable the King to fit a wider range of feet. The last has been made to follow the natural movements of the foot, resulting in a boot that does not compromise on comfort.

Are you looking to get your hands on the new Puma King, then you can see much more right here – price €154.

We all know that the royal need some protection. On the Puma King your will find and external heel counter, some thing that the Germans have decided on after close dialogue with some of the biggest stars. The heel cap provides increased stability and protection around the heel, and you are hereby protected against the kicks that may come in during a match. In addition, the upper part of the heel has been equipped with leather, again to increase the comfort as much as possible.

Under the boot you will find the Puma Pebax outsole, which combines low weight and great flexibility. Regarding the stud configuration, Puma have chosen a double solution, as it consists of both bladed and conical studs. The conical studs are placed on the medial side of the forefoot, which ensures a good manoeuvrability and pitch grip, specially when doing twists and turns in small areas.

With this new colourway, Puma brings in more class to an already iconic boot. The lifetime of this model speaks of it's qualities, and with some of the best engineers in the world, Puma have created a boot that is built to deliver across all facets of the game.

Are you looking to get your hands on the new Puma King, then you can see much more right here – price €154.

The Puma King has been on the market longer than we can remember and is has been able to keep renewing itself, resulting in a boot that today is both iconic and innovative. What do you think of the Puma King? And what do you think of the new colourway? As always, please feel free to leave a comment in the box below, or on Facebook and Twitter.