It's right on our doorstep. The indoor season is getting closer day by day, and we have yet again teamed up with Jim Cherneski from Trusox. He explains to us why Trusox are almost even better for indoor use. So if you would like to know more about a very important part of the gear in your indoor bag, then please come along.

It's getting darker and darker, colder and colder, and soon it is that time of year where a lot of people move indoors to keep the football going in the small-sided form. A new surface naturally demands new boots, but what about the socks? What socks should you use for the small-sided play indoor?

If you ask Jim Cherneski, who is president of Trusox, there is no doubt. He would never play indoors without a pair of Trusox on his feet. It is an absolute necessity equal to your indoor boots, he explains in this interview where Jakob has moved indoor, quite fittingly, to talk Trusox for indoor use.

Are you liking the Trusox? Then you can find your own pair from the wide selection right here – just €32

And if you wonder if Trusox can also get the job done indoors, the answer is very simple: yes, they can. Maybe even better than they can on the pitch outdoors. The reason is that the harder indoor surface is not as pliable as regular firm ground pitches outside, and there are more hard decelerations indoors. When decelerating or breaking your foot would normally slide, but not if you are wearing a pair of Trusox on your feet.

The concept behind Trusox is actually rather simple, but it really works wonders. Trusox are equipped with little non-slip pads, that improve the friction between foot and sock, as well as sock and boot. Hereby you can avoid slipping and sliding about in your boots. It results in a higher comfort level and a more effective use of your energy. At the same time you will also be able to improve your quick twists and turns.

Trusox have taken the world of football by storm since they were introduced back in 2007. It started out as niche sock, that only few players used, but today they can be spotted in numerous football boots around the world. Especially in the English Premier League the players have really taken in the Trusox and it has become a part of their daily football bag.

Are you liking the Trusox? Then you can find your own pair from the wide selection right here – just €32

It is also certain that if we were to pack the bag for an indoor tournament this weekend, the Trusox would surely find their way to the bag. And if you would like to know just why, then please check out the video above. If you would like to see the general interview with Jim regarding Trusox, you can find it below – it's a video double up!

Today, Trusox are used by numerous Premier league clubs and many stars; and there is good reason to bring them with you inside. What do you think of Trusox? And what is your experience with Trusox for indoor use? Feel free to share your comments in the box below, or on Facebook and Twitter.