There are no crazy effects and no wild background music. Instead there is just full on football chit chat, when Jakob and Joltter once again kick off a round of Unisport Uncut. This time round they sit down for 10 minutes of intense football talk and discuss the very biggest transfers made this summer.

If you're a bit of a football nerd, then there was definitely enough to talk about this Tuesday at breakfast, lunch, dinner, football training, in school, at work, well yes, generally all day. This Monday, at midnight, the transfer window slammed shut and when it came to last minute deals, they were there aplenty. Mesut Özil's move to Arsenal caused the most furor, but even though it can be hard to fathom that Arsene Wenger finally spent some money, there were also plenty of other massive talking points. Jakob and Joltter take a look at them all in this episode of Unisport Uncut. So if you're not done talking transfers, or just want a full overview of this years transfer window, then give this video a watch.

The Uncut-concept is quite simple. We have dumped all the wild editing, the quick clips and explosive background music, instead we have turned the football talk up to the max and asked Joltter and Jay Mike to give their opinions and thoughts. This time round the topic is, as mentioned, the summers transfer window, which we could have spent hours talking about, but luckily we had set the timer for 10 minutes, so things didn't get too out of hand.

It is usually boots we focus on with Unisport Uncut, but the last few days here at the Unisport HQ, we have spent a whole lot of time discussing transfers, something we thought you might like to get in on too. In the video Joltter and Jakob give you their five biggest signings, so you can hear what they have agreed on and once you have heard theirs, you can give us your very own top five in the comment-section down below.

It's hardly a spoiler, when we tell you that Gareth Bale made the list, of the five biggest transfers this summer, because the fee alone speaks volumes. €100 million makes him the most expensive player ever and even though he may prove to be worth every penny, there have been plenty of equally good deals for lesser amounts. There is therefore also a top five list of the less profiled deals made.

There have also been a few moments throughout the summer, where we could barely believe what we were seeing, they were simply our “What the'”-moments. Joltter and Jakob tell you what moments made their jaws drop and just to show how surprised they were, they pulled some strange grimaces.

You can get ready for the new season, with your favourite clubs new shirt right here, in our big club-universe.

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This summer has all the biggest leagues again shatter their transfer records and the summer has truly been full of bargains, crazy deals, fantastic buys, promising prospects and exciting trades. Who do you think are this summers biggest transfers? And how does your top five list look? As always we would love to hear from you in the comment-section down below, or on Facebook and Twitter.