One of the most popular boots in the world right now is the Adidas F50 Adizero, which is currently running on its fourth, but certainly not last, generation. It is worn by superstars like Messi, Bale and Suarez - and they will now have a new cool colourway to terrorise defenses with. Adidas have unveiled a brand new colourway for the F50 Adizero, which will be Electricity/Hero Ink/Metallic Silver and we take a look at it here now.

The Adidas F50 Adizero has quickly become one of the biggest players on the speed boot market and since Adidas introduced the boot in February 2009 it has been a benchmark for how light football boots can get. Now the boot is out in a cheeky neon version, which will naturally be out in both a leather and microfibre model.

You can already pre-order the Adidas F50 Adizero Electricity/Hero Ink/Metallic Silver, with an expected delivery in the beginning of September - just €192.

On the speed boot market, low weight is naturally a large factor - and here the Adizero has since 2009 lead the way for other boots to pursue and it has on many occasions broken the boundaries for what we thought possible. Currently the microfibre model weighs a mere 165 grams, while its leather cousin clocks in at an impressive 203 grams.

The microfibre model focuses purely on raw speed and is truly made for "The Speed Demon" . The boot offers an astoundingly low weight, while still being stable and supportive, as you need a boot to be. This is greatly down to the incredibly thin, synthetic upper, AdiLITE Twin, which has just one single layer. Adidas call this upper the SprintSkin II and it is just 1.5 mm thick - or should rather say thin.

It sounds too good to be true that Adidas have combined the nice touch and high comfort from leather, with low weight. This is however nonetheless what they have done with the Adidas F50 Adizero's leather model. The weight actually went up compared to the previous generation, but that is because they used more of the nice Goleo calf leather. It is a decision we definitely condone, as it ensures a comfortable and personal fit, as well as a natural and soft touch on the ball.

On the medial side of the boot the synthetic model has been reinforced with the so called TPU Support Bands, which work as a skeleton for the boot. This makes for increased stability and support for the foot, when you're twisting and turning, trying to skin the defenders. Furthermore the Sprintweb-construction has been changed and the band that ran across the mid foot has been removed, as to provide more flexibility to the upper.

The leather model is made for the player who wants a slightly thicker upper, which focuses more on touch and comfort, while still giving you the lightweight feeling. The boot is made with the very supple calf leather upper, which Adidas call Goleo-leather. It is more durable than traditional kangaroo leather, but still manages to give the good comfort and touch, which we associate with the bouncy fellows from downunder's leather.

Both boots are based on the well known Sprintframe-outsole, which is the basis of Adidas' boots. The outsole is incredibly springy and flexible, which adds an explosive kick off to your game. They have however not compromised on the stability and even though it is in certain areas just 1mm thick, it still manages to absorb the shocks and knocks you get.

At the same time the Adizero's stud-configuration is made specifically for speed. It is called the Traxion 2.0 and is based on triangular studs, which grip the pitch well, while still being very manouvrable, when compared to bladed studs. They are split into pairs, which each serve a specific purpose, like acceleration, deceleration and changing direction.

The outsole also has room for the revolutionising miCoach-chip, so you can now prove to your friends just how fast you and your Adidas F50 Adizero are. When the chip is active you can measure and analyse your movements on the pitch. Afterwards you can connect to your iPhone, Ipad, or PC, to see your top speed, average speed, number of sprints and much more.

Would you like to join Team Adizero along with Bale, Suarez and Messi? Then you can get your own pair right here - just €192.

A new pair of boots to celebrate the start of the new season; not bad is it? What do you say to the new colourway and do you like synthetic or leather model best? Let us know in the comment section down below.