Summer has finally come, and this means that it's time to enjoy the sun and get some barbecues going while reflecting on the past football season. We have gathered just the right look for the occasion, so please come along and check out Nike's Look of Summer.

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When speaking of the summer, one of the first associations would be the sun, and when it is out, it is important to be well prepared. No matter where on the globe you are enjoying the sun, the right sunglasses are a must! When the sun makes an appearance you may very well put on a pair of Nike Vintage MDL 225 and meet the sun in style. With a pair of these Nike sunglasses you might even be mistaken for one of the big Nike sponsored footballers.

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With the sunglasses in place, it is time to get those football legs out also. Drop the long pants and put on a pair of shorts that will make you feel like playing ball on the beautiful sandy beaches of Rio De Janeiro. Nike have made a pair of shorts that celebrate the warm football country, with sharp colours and a nice pattern. People are gonna start thinking of samba ball when they see you in your Nike Brazil Shorts, no matter if you are actually playing ball, or just walking down the street. We cannot guarantee that they will already put you in the right world cup mood, but they will surely make for a good first step towards the grande football party that will take place next year.

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And like a world cup will always be one of the biggest events in the world, there will also always be clothes that will draw just the right kind of attention. Nike celebrate the classic and elegant style with this white Nike T-shirt Icon with the classic swoosh in a turquoise colour across the chest. The shirt is a part of Nike's elegant Icon collection, and is made of a soft material with a modern slim-fit, thus making sure that the shirt fits like a charm. Just like a football has always been round, and will stay that way, we are also certain that this classic look by Nike will also stay fashionable for the foreseeable future.

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If your heart is with the Catalonian super club, maybe this Nike Barcelona T-shirt is just the thing for you. No matter where in the world you are, you will be able to celebrate the Blaugrana with this hybrid t-shirt and polo. Are you feeling the English style football more, then you might prefer a Nike England T-shirt with the classic English colours. Whether you support Messi or Rooney, you will have the chance to be well dressed.

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If you should get unlucky and the clouds take over for a while, you can still stay warm, and keep the nice summer look with this sky blue and white Nike Track Top. And even though the lack of sunshine might not make you think of Brazil; this model actually originates from the training collection that the Brazilian national team used for the World Cup in 1998. Since then, the Nike sportswear team team has continuously worked on perfecting the model, and this shirt is the result of 15 years of hard work from the team.

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Last but not least it is also important to have some nice and comfortable shoes; whether you are walking in the city, playing a bit of small sided ball or going for a light run. With the Nike Roshe Run you will get a shoe that is both light and has good breath ability; and inside of the shoe you will find Nike's Phylon midsole, which provide good shock absorption and ensures support to your entire foot. And with some nice fresh lime and turquoise colours, the shoe is not only good for your feet, but is also nice to look at.

Has The look of summer caught your interest, then you can find much more summery goodies right here.

With The Look of Summer you can enter the summer in style and fully embrace the sun and the nice temperatures. Feel free to leave a comment in the box below; and, as always, you are very much welcome to join us on Facebook and Twitter.