It's been a bit of a wait, but now the review of the exciting new Diadora DD-NA GLX is finally ready. It is the Italians shot at a super lightweight boot and it weighs just 185 grams, as well as it being able to match the high standards of comfort, which the brand's previous boots have displayed. There is, however, more to it and you can see it all in the WebTV episode here.

The Italians from Diadora have always been known for their nice football boots, where quality and comfort is always of the highest order. Until now they have primarily made classic leather boots, but with the introduction of the Diadora DD-NA GLX they attack the densely populated lightweight market.

Diadora have done many things right; first and foremost the DD-NA GLX weighs just 185 grams, which is the same as Nike's flagship silo, Mercurial Vapor IX. On top of that, the Italians have also added many of their smart technologies, like the revolutionising Net Breathing System, which transports moisture away from the foot and out of the boot, which assures your foot is always at a comfortable temperature.

Jakob had the pleasure of testing the boot and can bring you a WebTV episode as a result, it can be seen in the video just above. You can hear his explanation for why the Diadora DD-NA fits like a sock. There's plenty of unabashed praise for the Italians, but also a bit of criticism.

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There is plenty of development on the boot market and with the addition of the Diadora DD-NA GLX there's what you could call a breath of fresh air. What do you think about the elegant Italian? Would you fancy wearing the new DD-NA? And what about Jakobs review? We would love to hear what you think, so feel free to tell us in the box down below.