We wont be getting any more Champions League until February, but before we move completely on to the final 16, we'll take a look at the most scoring football boot in the Champions League, so far. It was a sixth round, starved of goalscoring action., however the top of our boot table was much more action packed, where things are really starting to heat up.

Their can hardly be any doubt, which boots will be involved in the top three any more, but it's still very exciting to follow the small battles, that the boots are having between themselves. At the very top we find Nike Mercurial Vapor VIII (Shortened to Vapor VIII for today's occasion) and Adidas F50 Adizero (Just Adizero in common tongue), where the gap is getting ever smaller. In third place we can see the Adidas Predator LZ in no man's land, as it looks unlikely it'll ever catch the two leaders, just as it looks far fetched that it will be caught by the two relegation candidates.

In the bottom of the top five Nike T90 Laser IV and Nike CTR360 Maestri III are fighting to win their little personal fight and you would think, that the first of the two, would as a strikers boot, want to beat the so called midfielders boot. Let's however not get distracted, so let's delve into the midweek Champions League games and see where the goals came from.

Manchester United where regardless of result, through as number one in their group, and when Cluj came to Old Trafford, that was very apparent in the starting line-up. The young guns where out and the Rumanian visitors didn't waste their chance, as only a win would do, if they where to have any hopes of going through.

A game low on chances did however not finish goalless, as Luis Alberto from Cluj slammed in a cracker, while wearing his Nike T90 Laser IV. It was enough to seal the win, but not enough for advancement in the Champions League, as Galatasaray won away at Braga and got the last ticket and place in the final 16.

There was also goals from some of the smaller brands in this round and one them was from Valencia's star, Jonas. He did this from the penalty spot, as he confirmed what we'd all known for a long time, that Lille where dead and gone in the Champions League. The hammer he used to knock in the last few nails in the coffin, was the Mizuno Morelia Neo.

In the groups other game Bayern Munich continued their impressive goal scoring streak and destroyed the helpless Bate Borisov, with an end result of 4-1. There was a whirlwind of boot involved, as both Shaqiri and his Vapor VIII's , Alaba with the Adizero, Müller using a pair of Predator LZ, as well as Mario Gomez in a pair of brand new Puma Evospeed 1 hit the back of the net.

One club, that has taken the football world by storm, is Malaga. The Spanish club is still undefeated in the worlds finest club tournament and finished top of group C, ahead of Italian giants AC Milan. In their last game against Anderlecht, Sergio Duda scored twice with the Maestri III and was thus responsible for half of this rounds CTR360 goals.

It was goals berserk, when the reigning Champions League winner's did what they could to improve their chances of advancing and this meant making that goal difference better, unfortunately for FC Nordsjælland. This was however a mission that ended in failure, as not even a 6-1 demolition, was enough to secure a place outside the group stages. It will instead be Europa League football for Hazard & co., but it would look quite good on the records, if they could win a European trophy two years in a row.

A boot that had a less impressive round, was the Vapor VIII, that definitely lost ground to the closest rival, Adizero. This was shown well, when Ajax where guests at the Bernabeu, for a game that was entirely without import for Real Madrid. Here Callejon scored twice in his Adizero and Cristiano could only score one.

With this round behind us, we can see that there's no movement in the top of the list, but the Adizero has gained a lot of ground on the Vapor VIII. The same level of excitement can be found further down, where the battle between Maestri III and Laser IV is getting ever more intense. Are there any boots you feel should be in the top of the table, but have disappointed? Are there any surprises? Will it be Vapor VIII or Adizero who will finish the season as victors? Give us your best guess, in the comment-section below.