We continue the spirit of Christmas with yet another gift-idea and with yet another super pricetag. Today we've reduced the price of a wide range of merchandise-products from Manchester United and Barcelona. This includes practical napkins, deodorants and hair wax and it can all be purchased at a very reasonable price.

We are edging ever closer to the Christmas month and until the first of December we will, on a daily basis, bring you a new Christmas gift idea. Today you can get yourself well prepared for a potential football inspired birthday, should that be on the horizon. You could also find a little something for the Christmas calendar, or maybe even just for everyday purposes.

The very cool disposable tableware is perfect for birthday arrangements, football evenings with the boys, or something completely different. This could for example be plastic cups from Barcelona and Manchester United, that'll only cost you €2.

At the same price you can acquire yourself some Manchester United and Barcelona napkins and now we're at it, you can also get some Barcelona and Manchester United disposable plates, whichever you choose, it's yours for just €2.

Are you a deodorant short, or just missing one for the sports bag, you won't find a better price than here. You can exclusively, until tomorrow at 10 am, get a Manchester United or Barcelona deodorant for just €3.

On top of that you can get Barcelona hair wax, at the same price – just €3.

If you've got a little Barcelona- or Manchester United-fan in your family, we're sure, one or more of todays Christmas gift ideas will fit well in the stocking. Will you be taking advantage of the offer, and get some early Christmas shopping done? Share your comments with us, down bellow.