The most comprehensive coverage of a tournament ever | Join EURO 2016 with Unisport


Written by Mathias Boughey-Svendsen

Unisport have never covered a tournament in such an extensive fashion, as this year. Here is an overview, which shows some of the initiatives we have going on…


On our Youtube channel we will be uploading a new video, every single day! JayMike is reporting from Copenhagen during the first two weeks and heading to France once the knockout stages begin.

Joltter and Luca went to Paris already before EURO16 started and will be travelling around France, to get a feel for the electric atmosphere that surrounds the stadiums. Luca will first and foremost be experiencing the German fans, while Joltter will be driving around in a specially designed #unisportlife truck (unofficially named the #unisportlifemobile - by me). PWG will also be in and around France, and participating in different Freestyle events.

All our hosts will also be taking turns livestreaming from our Youtube channel. This will take place every day at 20:00, as we warm up for the late evening match. Here they will give their scoreline predictions, as well as answer any questions you might have.

Make sure you tune in through this link, every day at 20:00.


Have you ever wondered what boot is actually performing best on the big stage? In an unprecedented attempt to find the best boot in the world, we have created a unique universe that we call the Boot Performance Lab. Here you can find out if it’s Cristiano Ronaldo and the Nike Mercurial Superfly 5 or Pogba and the PureControl with the most passes, dribbles and goals. And those are just a fraction of the information there, with the stats going as far as tracking which boot takes most goal kicks (Yeah, we have been thorough).

The most popular boots will also be unlocking giveaways throughout the tournament, so you can win them. Make sure you keep an eye out on the development and see when you can join the giveaways.


We have previously covered World Cups and European Championships on both Facebook and Instagram, but for the first time you can go behind the scenes with Joltter, JayMike, Luca and PWG, who will be Snapchatting all their escapades. Every day there’s a new story, which you can follow by adding us. Our username is: Unisportlife

You can also watch the EURO16 with Unisport playlist on Youtube here: