Juventus 3rd shirt 2021/22 | A flair of the past


Written by Sandra

If you have read about adidas’ other 3rd shirts this season you might have noticed that the EQT (Equipment) line has a bigger meaning as it is the key inspiration for the three striped brand’s 3rd shirts this year. Let’s have a look at it!

Juventus 3rd shirt 2021/22

The new Juventus 3rd shirt 2021/22 is a mix of the past combined with the look of the future. And who did not love the 90’s shirts for adidas adidas - we sure did and still do! And adidas are definitely taking advantage of that. Mixing 90’s culture with the club’s DNA.

The design of the shirt is crazy and bold - a yellow base combined with blue and white. The front and the lower back features blue and yellow blocks of colour, with a white line dividing them. A blue block surrounds the Jeep logo on the chest, where a diagonal stripe surrounds the adidas logo. And if you take a closer look at the logo, you will see that it is two coloured. The stripes are white, while the text is yellow. To complete the look, adidas made the Juventus logo on the chest blue.

That was just the front of the shirt, so what about the back? Well, the back of the shirt is mostly yellow, as are the sleeves, while the ‘V’ on the lower front gets repeated on the back. Both the collar and the sleeve cuffs are blue.

This shirt definitely has an outstanding look that will get people talking.But it also brings back memories of the 90’s together with the characteristic football shirts.

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