Become a Winter Warrior | Beat the cold with Nike and Unisport


Written by Christian

Unisport will once again have the best gear to fight against the cold and become the Winter Warrior we know you are. You can check out the best equipment from Nike now!

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If you are like us, you want to play football all the time, all year. We know that it’s always better to play when it’s not too cold - maybe even a bit damp to get the pitch rolling. And it can be a big frustration when it starts to get cold. There’s almost nothing worse than freezing. Cold fingers, ears and a sore throat are good reasons to stay inside. But now you can avoid these. It’s time to beat the cold. And you can do that with Unisport and Nike. Learn more about the best gear to become a Winter Warrior.

Snoods and hats

The most important part of staying warm and feeling great properly is your ears and throat. A hat will help you a lot to stay warm. Most of your body heat leaves through the head. So to wear a hat is a great way to avoid freezing too much. You can also get yourself a snood. This will keep your neck warm and it can even cover your ears as well. Same thing goes with your throat. A naked throat will leave you with a sore throat - and even worse a sickness. So pack up and beat the cold.

Training shirt

It’s important to wear clothes that can stand against wind. This will prevent you from feeling the cold breeze on your body. You can get a long sleeve top at Unisport. Most of these also have a high neckline to make sure that most of the heat stays close to your body and doesn't get out anywhere.

Training pants

Let’s admit it. It’s too cold to wear shorts. And yes, we’re also talking to you who are still showing off your legs when the temperature drops. We know that you’re still freezing. So just get yourself a nice pair of training pants. All of them are made in a stretchy material to keep you comfortable and warm at the same time.

Base layer

This might be one of the most crucial elements in keeping warm. The base layer will feel like a second skin on your body. It fits tight and makes sure that you’re able to hold on to your body heat. But it also transports the sweat away from your body so you will dry. This means that you will be warm AND comfortable. What’s not to like?!


We’ve all been there. Fingers are frozen, red and you can’t really feel them. You can get rid of this problem with a simple solution - a pair of player gloves. These also contain small, grippy elements on the fingers so you can get a better grip on the ball for throw ins.

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