Being Red Together – Inclusion at the LFC Foundation


Written by Christian

Liverpool FC & Unisport have a long and storied partnership with each other. Both partners aim to help create change through football. Therefore we can proudly present our Unisport Purpose Documentary, where this time we shine some light on how the LFC Foundation creates positive change in areas of high need and deprivation.

Unisport Purpose

It is rooted in our DNA to help make the world a better place through football. Whether your dreams are big or small - Unisport is here to help make them come true. Because as our slogans is; Make Football Dreams Come True

For us football is about passion, emotions and giving back. The LFC Foundation’s goals and accomplishments are something they can be extremely proud of, and we have been fortunate to be able to follow them and document their amazing work. Watch the documentary below!

LFC Foundation | Helping over 83.000 people every year

The LFC Foundation is the official charity of Liverpool Football Club. Building on the Club’s work in the community, and beyond, over the past 20 years, the charity was formed in 2010 as a financially independent organization to harness the power and passion of the fans and supporters to improve the lives of others.

Their aim is to deliver sustainable and long-term change for communities and to ensure that its work continues to benefit future generations. And with helping more than 83.000 people each and every year, we say they are a success.

No matter your favorite football team, disability or background, LFC Foundation is here to help. And with some truly inspiring staff members, we at Unisport say that LFC Foundation is a symbol of Making Football Dreams Do Come True

See the Unisport Purpose documentary where we follow Disability Coach Liam Brady - a true role model, creating positive impact in his area. Also get a glimpse into the role of Matty Murphy, Inclusion Manager at the Foundation - and experience the change these two have made for the community.