PUMA Supercharge | A brand new Future


Written by Christian

the Future is Supercharged. PUMA is ready with an brand new, at pre-sale now at Unisport. This time will be the first time ever featuring both a High and Low variant of the Future. Read more about it here - and buy the boot before everyody else!

Buy the PUMA Future Supercharge here!


We already know the PWRtape from the Ultra, and now for the first time we will be seeing it in the Future. What the PWRtape does is providing lockdown like no other boot. Is gives a snug fit on the foot, however it won't be restricting - so your feet still has full movement. Combined with the Adaptive FUZIONFIT360 upper which combines dual mesh, stretchy knit, and the PWRtape to lock down the foot into a snug, supportive fit, letting you play with or without laces. Best fitting boot the market? Well, you'll be hard-pressed to find something better fitting!

Engineered 3D textures

For the touch, PUMA have engineered a 3D texture onto the upper itself to improve grip and control on the ball. While the previous Future did not have any added grip, the new Future Ultimate will be adding grip when you dribble or strike the ball - however not too much, just that little extra you need!

Dynamic Motion System

The outsole builds on the very strong Dynamic Motion System concept from the previous boot, but has swapped half-conical studs for bladed ones. Stable at the heel and flexible at the forefoot, the dual-density Dynamic Motion System outsole enhances stability, agility, and traction. All this makes these the best Future ever made. So enter the Future, we promise you won't regret it.

Low & High version

All new to the Future line is now it both comes in a High and a Low variant. So whether you prefer the extra protection you get from a High collar boot - or if you prefer the little extra freedome and movment a Low cut boot gives you. PUMA Future got you covered. See the pictures below and find out which boot suits you!

Buy the PUMA Future Supercharge here!