Jersey Lab | Design your own shirt


Written by Frederikke

Design your own unique football shirt in our new Jersey Lab! Get ready to unleash your inner creativity and design your very own out-of-this-world football shirt with custom made badges and special fonts from the football culture.

Create your own unique football shirt online or in store

Whether you're a pro at navigating the virtual world or you love soaking up the buzzing football vibes at our stores in Copenhagen, Paris, or Stockholm, get ready for an exclusive experience - only available to members of the Unisport FC family.

In our brand new Jersey Lab you are able create a custom made football shirt to show your passion for the game. Express yourself with unique badges inspired by the vibrant football cultures of Stockholm, Paris, and Copenhagen. These badges aren't just symbols; they're a shout-out to the football passion that pulses through the veins of these legendary cities. The amazing badges and stunning fonts are designed by the Parisian design agency Police.

Get ready for an incredible adventure that awaits you both in our flagship stores and through an immersive 3D online experience.

Visit our online Jersey Lab and create your own football shirt (only available to members)

Custom made design that represents football

Imagine badges that embody iconic landmarks, epic symbols, buzzing neighborhoods, and even mouthwatering local grub that you can totally relate to. Our Stockholm store, right smack in the city center, is a paradise of football goodies. Step into the Jersey Lab at Sergels torg, and let your imagination run wild.

Our Les Halles store in Paris is an absolute must-visit. Swing by our customisation bar and take control of your own football destiny. Paris, the beating heart of football, will fuel your inspiration as you create a shirt that captures the spirit of the beautiful game.

Oh, and don't miss our original Flagship Store on Strøget in Copenhagen—right in the middle of all the shopping action! Not only will you find the freshest football shirts and boots, but there's even a rad football museum tucked away in the store's staircase.

Now, let's break it down for you in four easy steps at the Jersey Lab:

1️⃣ Choose model: Select men, female or kids version, and your preferred shirt color as the canvas for your design.

2️⃣ Design: It's your time to shine! Place those epic badges in the most jaw-dropping way on your shirt.

3️⃣ Personalize: Want to add that extra personal touch? Throw in your name and number with a custom made font.

4️⃣ Create: If you are in one of our stores you can watch as your masterpiece comes to life before your eyes. If you use our online solution you will need to wait a few days for our print team to create and ship the product. But it will be well worth the wait!

We would love to see your mind-blowing creations. Share them with us using the hashtag #jerseylab and let the world witness your football genius. Are you ready to dive headfirst into the Jersey Lab, where football and design collide in the most mind-blowing ways? It's your time to shine!

Visit our online Jersey Lab and create your own football shirt (only available to members) Or visit one of our stores in Paris, Copenhagen or Stockholm