Nike x Barca x Patta | Be fashion, be Barca


Written by Sandra

Everyone knows Nike and Barcelona and who doesn’t know about Patta? We sure do and this might be the craziest collab we’ve ever seen between a club and a fashion brand. Made for Blaugrana. Inspired by passion.

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Nike FC Barcelona x Patta collection

The love for a club like FC Barcelona runs exceptionally deep, becoming an inseparable part of a person's identity. It's often said to be in their DNA, an integral element of their very being. This unique connection goes beyond typical sports fandom. From childhood, Barcelona fans are immersed in the club's storied history, legendary players, and the profound philosophy of being "more than a club." This upbringing fosters an unwavering loyalty that lasts a lifetime.

The analogy of this love coursing through one's veins, like the human circulatory system depicted in medical texts with its red and blue components, is striking. These colors mirror FC Barcelona's iconic Blaugrana hues, symbolizing the club's essence and the passion it ignites.

Imagine this: The club's crest proudly adorning the heart, intricately intertwined with the network of arteries and veins. It's a powerful image, representing an emotional lifeline that syncs every beat of a fan's heart with their beloved club, BARCA.

In essence, the love for FC Barcelona becomes an integral part of a person's identity, deeply rooted from birth and celebrated through every high and low of the club. The Blaugrana bloodstream metaphor beautifully captures this profound and enduring affection, connecting the hearts and souls of devoted fans to their cherished team.

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