New Balance unveil Furon II and Visaro in fresh hues


Written by Mathias Boughey-Svendsen

The season is moving into the all important Christmas period, where the games come quick. New Balance now drop a fresh set of boots for their superstar lineup of athletes and you.

New Balance have been taking over England ever since they began their football adventure. The days of perceiving NB Football as rookies are well and truly over, and rightly so, because they have done more than enough to cement their spot among the most premium football brands. As unlikely as it may be, if some of you somehow still need convincing, then this new colourway drop for the New Balance Furon 2.0 and New Balance Visaro will certainly do the trick.

Among the players who represent NB Football, are some of the most prolific athletes in the Premier League and with the season reaching the point, where teams play two and sometimes even three games a week, an upgrade of weaponry is certainly welcomed. Luckily the new boots are not only reserved for the professionals and if you are on the hunt for new boots of the highest order, then take it from me (an avid Visaro user), this is the way to go.

You can pre-order your pair of New Balance Furon II or Visaro here.

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The New Balance Visaro is made with the creative footballer in mind, who drives the ball forward and sparks waves of attacks with deft touches and a brilliant fit. The Visaro is packed with small, but very well thought out details that really elevate the experience in them. One of them is the suede heel lining, which although it sounds like a fairly unimportant feature, does so much to increase the comfort of the boot. I always like to highlight this part of the boot, because it so well exemplifies the nature of New Balance’s mindset when they designed the Visaro. They really put in work here and it shows.

Alternatively the New Balance Furon II is more about finishing the attack and racking up your goal tally, through a sharp touch on the ball and aggressive stud-configuration. That’s right, New Balance don’t actually have a defensive-minded boot, and for them it’s all about taking centrestage. This is further proven by their two mottos, which are Game On for the Visaro and Game Over for the Furon.

Whichever you end up choosing, you will have gotten your hands on a quality piece of gear. Find the New Balance Visaro and Furon II here.