Aqua Grip-guide: Which gloves beat the rain?


Written by Katrine Abel

As a goalkeeper through many years, I know all about the discomfort of playing football in the pouring rain. You may have heard about specially made gloves for the rain, but which one is actually best suited for your game and which is best value for money? I’ve tested three gloves in the rain for you here.

Uhlsport Eliminator AquaSoft

Worth the money? Yes! I’ll just start this blogpost with one of my personal favourites - and not just in the rain either, because these are very viable throughout the entire autumn and winter season, where the weather is wet, windy and the temperatures low. The glove has sublime grip in wet conditions and is well padded, so your hands are kept warm. The glove has a pretty great grip in dry weather too, and if you wanted to, could easily be used all season. This does however require you keeping the gloves damp during games and training, so the good grip is maintained.

If you want one of my personal favourites then secure the Uhlsport Eliminator AquaSoft here.

PUMA Goalkeeper gloves evoPOWER 2.3 Aqua Grip

Worth the money? Yep, because there are pretty much countless reasons to suggest that acquiring this evoPOWER 2.3 is a good call. This is a technically considered a downgrade from the evoPOWER Super 3, but this does have a positive effect on the price, which as a results is quite manageable. The glove is made from a soft material, and has a very comfortable fit. The spine of the glove does show that this is a slightly cheaper glove, as it could have a bit more padding, which I felt when punching the ball.

The grip in the dry is fine, especially with the price in mind, but it can far from compete with PUMA’s top range gloves. In wet conditions it is however surprisingly good and it is clear that this is the aspect, which the gloves have been designed to really excel in. The way I would use this Aqua Grip glove is as a secondary glove, which I whip out when it starts raining, but shelve for a stronger alternative in the dry.

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Reusch Goalkeeper gloves Re:Pulse Pro A2

Worth the money? Yes to these too, and actually for the exact same reason as the PUMA evoPOWER 2.3 Aqua Grip, because this is a glove I would supplement my dry weather gloves with. They are formidable in the rain, but falter in comparison to the Reusch top range selection, which are famed for their comfort and technology. In the rain you need a specialised piece of gear and that is certainly what you get here. They are pricier than the evoPOWER, and that is because they are better insulated and your hands are therefore kept warm in the cold.

Want Reusch? I know I do and you can find them all here - including the Re:Pulse Pro A2.

What should you pick?

Often Aqua Grip gloves are a downgrade from top gloves, and should therefore be seen as an extra addition on the wet days. The three above are excellent examples of gloves to wear in the rain and as often is the case with gloves, live up to their price tag. Find out which price you’re interested in and minimise the risk of drops this autumn, spring and winter.