Get ready for the new adidas ACE Transition Pro


Written by Katrine Abel

adidas have become a popular member of the Goalkeepers' Union - and not without reason. Once again they have managed to create a glove that raises the bar and forces every other brand to stay alert and perform at their utmost to keep up.

You might say that every good training environment needs that one player that keeps pushing the limit of what is possible. This one player makes sure that every other player on the team strives to perform even better every single day.
When you talk goalkeeper gloves, there's no doubt that adidas symbolise that player - at least at the moment they do.

As most of us glove enthusiasts have noticed, adidas deliver gloves to some of the best goalkeepers in the world. Manuel Neuer, David De Gea, Marc Ter Stegen, Iker Casillas and Keylor Navas just to name a few. And it makes perfect sense that these great keepers choose adidas as their go to guy when it comes to goalkeeper gloves.
Once again adidas are firstmovers and this has resulted in the launch of the brand new adidas ACE Trans Pro.

What's new?

Okay, so it's probably rather obvious that there are some visual changes. First of all, you have definitely noticed that the gloves come in a new colourway that fit right into the Dust Storm Pack. Second of all, you may have also noticed that the closing mechanism has changed. Third - and least obvious - of all, you might have noticed that the Punch Zone on the backhand looks slightly different.

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Improved fit

If you're an Iker Casillas fan, you might have noticed his habit of opening the gloves, adjusting the fit several times during a game? Adidas definitely have, and have been inspired to change the closing mechanism in order to improve the fit. As a new feature, the wrist band needs to be pulled away from the gloves before it closes horizontally on your wrist. This tightens the fit on the backhand and ensures that the gloves stay in place until you take them off.

Don't fix it if it isn't broken

adidas have retained some of the features just as they are, because they work perfectly - just as they are. For instance the Evo Zone Tech that is a dual core latex, where two different types of latex are engineered together to ensure the perfect grip.
And it's the same situation with the Seamless Touch Cut. adidas' Negative Cut is very popular among their pro and amateur goalkeepers which is probably why adidas have left it as it is.

This new version of the adidas ACE Trans Pro is without a doubt my favourite pair of adidas goalkeeper gloves so far.

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