Uhlsport launch Eliminator Tight HN | Tighter fit - more control


Written by Katrine

Most modern goalkeepers prefer very tight goalkeeper gloves to get the feeling of ultimate control. That's why they often choose negative cut as their preferred cut. But what if your hand is too narrow?

Struggling to find the perfect pair of tight goalkeeper gloves? Fear not! The Uhlsport Eliminator Tight Absolutgrip HN are probably everything you've been looking for. These gloves offer you an even tighter fit than regular goalkeeper gloves, making them the perfect choice for most female goalkeepers and goalkeepers with narrow hands.

Excellent grip and maximum control
The Uhlsport Eliminator Tight Absolutgrip HN are equipped with Uhlsport's Half Negative cut which gives and outstanding ball feeling and control. Combined with the Absolutgrip latex, you get maximum control and grip. Though the Absolutgrip latex is actually only Uhlsport's second best latex, a lot of pro goalkeepers prefer this latex over the Supergrip latex. The Absolutgrip latex is very smooth and offers and instant excellent grip. The durability is really good for a top latex, and the gloves are extremely comfortable.

Get your pair of Eliminator Tight Absolutgrip HN here.