Select your football boot surface

Football is played on many surfaces, each can require specific equipment. There is no longer any need to despair of the many options available, as we have split the boots into different catagories so you can quickly and easily see all of the football boots we have, suitable on the given surface. You will find everything here, from football boots for natural grass pitches, to indoor shoes, that way you will only see boots designed for your game.

Football Boots for use on regular grass pitches are often equipped with a so-called FG-sole, which means that they are designed for use on solid ground. Artificial Turf Boots are designed with a so-called AG-sole, making them an ideal choice for football on artificial turf. Some brands even make combined FG and AG-soles, so you can use the same boots on both surfaces. Turf boots are suitable for football on the clay courts and similar foundations.

Of course, we also have a category with indoor shoes, which have a so-called IC-sole, designed not to mark the court. So whether you need to be ready to play futsal during the indoor season, or you need a new pair of FG soccer shoes for grass pitches, then you've come to the right place. You will find all of our categories with football boots for different surfaces on this page.