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Get an exclusive look into how the Hypervenom is created

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When the biggest football stars put on a pair of Nike Hypervenom, they have been completely custom made to their specifications. How does that work? We give you a unique insight into the Hypervenoms production here.

Nothing is left to circumstance, when stars like Neymar, Alexis Sanchez, or Wayne Rooney pull on a pair of the brand new Nike Hypervenom. The boots have been designed entirely to their specifications and eye for detail like that calls for expert handwork and that can be found in Montebelluna in Italy. It is where the very best boot designer reside and they spend all their time creating completely unique and perfect boots.

When a pair of Hypervenoms need producing, then the first step is getting the very best possible fit. This starts when they get the exact size the star needs and when we say exact, we mean exact. They have their feet measured with millimetre precision and that's when the real work begins.

They begin with the last, which is with the specifications provided, made to be completely identical with the stars feet. This makes sure Nike have a boot, which will fit the player like a glove and be neither too small, nor too big.

In the next step the boot really starts to take shape, as the upper is fastened. This requires a number of stitches, which are all done entirely by hand and demands complete concentration and precision, again leaving nothing to chance.

To make sure the boot wraps itself perfectly around your foot and gets that sock feel, as Nike have said this boot does, the boot is heated up in an especially designed oven. This oven moulds the boot and makes sure the boot sits perfectly, once it is done.

But optimising the boot to perfection is a long process and an important part of developing the optimal fit is applying pressure to the boot.

Now that the fit is well and truly sorted it is time for fitting the stud-configuration, a far from easy task. To prepare for fitting of the studs, the bottom of the boot is sanded down once.

With the stud-configuration fitted, they also need to make sure it doesn't go anywhere and therefore the stud-configuration is glued to the boot. This makes sure the upper and stud-configuration are firmly stuck to the boot and won't just break off after the first tackle or strike.

After this the boot is almost ready to be sent out to all the worlds stars, but first they have to quadruple check everything, to make sure everything is 100% correct and in order. It is no use if Neymar, or Rooney receive a boot that is defect. There the boot is completely tested before it is ready.

With the tests done, the boot is almost completely done, but before hand there is one more step that needs doing. The boot is cooled down to minus 15 degree, so it is safe to assume the Hypervenoms can take its bit of cold.

The end result speaks for itself. A boot, which not only looks sensational, but is also completely comprised of some of the newest and most innovative technologies. The stars also have the luxury of having a boot, which fits them with unprecedented accuracy.

You already have plenty of reasons to envy the star players like Rooney and Neymar, but when you then consider that they get a pair of these through the door, when they need new boots, it is hard not to envy them even more.

The new Nike Hypervenom is produced in such a way that it fits stars like Rooney and Neymar, with perfect precision. What do you think about the Hypervenom? And just how much do you envy the professionals and that they have a boot made like this? As always we would love to hear your comments here, on Facebook and on Twitter.