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A run-through of Nike and Zlatan's most iconic adverts

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That a footballer changes sponsor is hardly new and unheard of. But when the player is Zlatan Ibrahimovic and the sponsor is Nike, the story gets a whole new meaning. Following Zlatan’s decision to not extend his contract with Nike, we look back at all the great things the collaboration has brought with it.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Nike’s partnership runs back many years. Bar a couple seasons, where he played in the PUMA King SL for Ajax, Zlatan has been a Nike man through and through. This loyalty has definitely been rewarded by Nike, who have not been shy to put the prolific striker in the spotlight. This has brought with it many iconic adverts, which we have had a look at here:

Until now, Zlatan has played in the Nike Mercurial Vapor X. Find them right here.

Even though Zlatan started his adventure with the American brand wearing the Nike Tiempo Premier, he knew he needed something sharper and lighter. This is why Ibrahimovic has made his fame as one of the front figures for the Nike Mercurial-collection and particularly the Superfly model, where Nike really harnessed the iconic Swede’s popularity to propel the boot to the forefront of the boot world.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic is not just anybody. He is not just a Bosnian born Swede, who grew up to become the most scoring Swedish player in history. He is not just a supremely confident striker, who thinks to do things that don’t even cross other players minds. He isn’t just the man who in his absence alone made the World Cup in Brazil 50% less interesting. Zlatan is Zlatan and Nike are really going to struggle to find a personality like Zlatan ever again. Who else could carry a phrase as bold as ‘Dare to Zlatan’.

You can find PSG’s shirt here, which is where Zlatan currently graces the world with his football.

The many adverts are clear proof that Nike and Zlatan have really enjoyed working with each. But now things look like they have come to an end, after Ibra revealed that his contract with Nike has run out and he is free to negotiate with anyone, who wants to put in an offer. The question is, who will get the honour of providing boots for Zlatan in the future. He is definitely not short of suitors – because the team without Zlatan has usually drawn the shortest straw. Maybe we should #AskZlatan who he prefers?

Nike and Zlatan’s time together may very well be over, but that doesn’t mean the end of Zlatan. Not even by a stretch. We can’t wait to see what the next chapter is for the Legendary swede in any case. Whose advert do you think Zlatan will feature in next?