Umbro AG football boots

Umbro is back with their three different boot collections, and they are fighting at the top of the market! We find that Umbro have a very innovative solution when it comes to artificial turf boots. Umbro offer special football boots with a so-called HG-soleplate (Hard Ground). This means you can use the boots on both a grass surface, and artificial turf. A great solution when you alternate between playing on different surfaces.

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Umbro continues to compete with the biggest brands in the market, they are constantly developing their already innovative technologies without compromising their high standards for quality. They have designed their football boots with a so-called HG-sole, which stands for "Hard Ground". This means that Umbro football boots are designed to for use on both natural, permanent grass fields, as well as on artificial turf.

Umbro artificial turf boots give you the best chance to play to your best, whether the surface is artificial turf or natural grass, and no matter what type of player you are. There is a wide selection of Umbro artificial turf boots; Umbro Speciali, medusae, velocità & UX. We are sure that you will find a pair that suits you, wether that be control, touch, comfort or speed.