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Umbro combines modern football culture and creates innovative and and iconic football apparel such as Umbro's official football kits or England shirts. Umbro was/is outfitter for many famous football teams and sports personalities such as Manchester City, West Ham or even for the brasilian national team. At the World Cup 1966 in England, all the teams minus one were equipped with Umbro kits. Besides the top 3 adidas, Nike and Puma, Umbro is an additional outfitter, but only dresses one national team - Ireland. But you should certainly not put the brand among the little ones on the football market, because over the years the double diamond has become the one and only sign of English football clothing.Umbro stands for modern football culture and customized sportswear. Umbro's true-blue motto: Only the best for professionals in the stadium and amateurs on the basic football field. Thumbs up for that!

Classic design meets trends in the new collection of Medusae Pro Boots. Speed and control to give you the best of both worlds. Show your opponents what you've got with aggressive direction changes and the Velocita football boots. If you are goalkeeper you are also not forgotten - stop every ball with the Neo Pro Shot Gun or Neo Pro Rollfinger goalkeeper gloves.

In our shop you'll find a great selection of the brand. Want to know everything about Umbro? Our Unisport customer service team will be happy to answer your questions.