More than just baselayer | Get a closer look at what Storelli offers!


Written by Zlatko

In the last couple of months, we have seen more athletes use a different type of baselayer. When you look at it, this looks just like any other baselayer out there. But when you take a closer look, the material is on a whole new level in terms of baselayer. The Storelli brand has made some very interesting concepts within baselayer, and some of them are very nice!

"Devoted to make the soccer pitch your sanctuary" are the words Storelli use to describe their vision of giving you the best possible performance gear. But it’s more than just a baselayer, it’s not like all the other baselayers out there you've previously seen. It’s a baselayer that's designed to give you that extra protection which is sometimes required for modern-day sports like football. The Storelli baselayer is made with technologies that work like shields, that prevent injuries and help you to accelerate your movement, making you lose yourself in the moment.

The Brooklyn based company lives and breathes to offer you the best possible baselayer in terms of new technologies and innovation. This is something that really comes to life when you are sitting with the baselayer products and looking at the materials. The products are made from soft and comfy nylon and spandex combined materials. This offers you a product that feels light, and offers a fantastic level of mobility, despite being padded for protection.

One of the most awesome things is that Storelli has put focus on areas that are often overlooked. The goalkeeper is looked after especially well! Many of the products are made with padded areas, which offer you more protection than regular baselayer. The padding of the products is placed and structured differently depending on what position you play on the field. Looking at the Goalkeeper Sliders Bodyshield the padded foam is bulkier and covers a larger area on the thighs. Whereas, the sliders made for the field players is made with a thinner padded foam. The padded foam is also used on their baselayer shirt, the Bodyshield 3/4 . This offers increased protection of the chest, back, elbows and more. So, could a goalkeeper ask for any more than this?

Storell offers even more products than just baselayers. You will also find their offering all players, an especially the goalkeepers, to play without fear and giving yourself in every moment of the game. Furthermore, you will also find Arm Sleeves, LegGuards, women’s tanks top and much more, offers you protection to almost every part of your body!

Even though this might be the first time you hear about Storelli, it certainly won't be the last. They already have a pretty solid team of athletes that use their products. You can see athletes such as Stefan Frei, Arin Gilliland, Jesse Lingard and Cesar Azpilicueta wearing and performing in Storelli baselayer products.

Does this sound like a brand that you would like to try out? Are you totally going to get it due to the protective padding? See all the Storelli products that we have on stock right here!