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adidas Copa

adidas Copa is one of the most sold football boots ever. The adiads Copa is the classic boots, both in terms of look and technologies. It is absolute top quality and the best possible comfort. They have been around since the 80's and continue to be popular even now. If you are looking to get yourself a pair of Copa's? Unisportstore offers a great selection - both small and big models.

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adidas COPA 17 is the all new re-imaginated original. The adidas original Copa Mundial is true classic, built on comfort and genuine leather. In order to make the classic leather boot a true contender in the modern game, adidas has updated the Copa Mundial - welcome to the COPA 17. The COPA 17 will be all about kangaroo leather combined with modern technologies


The key point of any football boot is how they fit on your feet. No matter how many nice tricks and features any brand put into a pair of boots - if the fit is off, you won't use them. So fit and comfort is king. With an upper made from soft kangaroo leather and a compression fit, the COPA 17 will surely be a great choice for any player looking for comfort and an ultimate touch that can only be provided by leather.

If you are looking to purchase a pair of true leather boots, choose the COPA 17. You can buy it right here at Unisportstore.com - we offer low prices and speedy international delivery.