In these cold, cold days it's important to wrap up warm, when you venture outdoors. That's why today's nice Christmas inspiration reminds you to add a smart and warm hat to your wish-list. You can see the big selection below, which probably includes a hat from your favourite club.

With temperatures of sub zero it is of utmost importance to wear adequate clothing, both when training and just generally when going out, as to protect you from the freezing cold weather. We all know the pain of freezing ears, but we have just the weapon to combat this. So add a smart hat of choice to your wish-list, with the logo of your favourite club, so you can show of your club relation and never fear the snow. See the big selection here.

Are you lacking a bit of inspiration and can't quite come to terms with what you want for Christmas? A smart new hat is a safe bet, that is sure to bring you plenty of joy, as well as it also being an excellent choice if your looking for an advent calendar present. You can see the big selection of cool club logo hats here, where we are sure you will find something you like.

Christmas is hastily approaching and it's not long before Christmas Eve is upon us and looking outside our window, it looks like it may be a white Christmas too, - we called it first. If the cold weather stays, then a nice and warm hat like these, would be very useful. Will you be getting one? Or do you know someone who you would buy one for? Share your thoughts in the box down below.