adidas x Pogba | See the new Season 3 collection


Written by Zlatko

adidas has once again teamed up with Pogba, who is acknowledged as a football icon, but also as a style icon. Together they have designed the new Season 3 of the adidas Football x Pogba Capsule Collection. A collection that dives into Pogba’s personality and creativity.

You often hear people, critics and newspapers talk and write about Pogba, and this is simply just a part of his life. This has only increased after his move to Manchester United and this might have led up to make him on of the most talked players. adidas has made newest Season 3 Collection to show Pogba’s determination and love for the game and the club. A collection which takes inspiration in Pogba’s luxurious lifestyle and time in Manchester.

Pogba is known for his creativity and for being a dominant force on the pitch. ‘La Pioche’, which is his nickname, has taken this into account when design the brand-new Capsule Collection. The Season 3 products are designed to reflect his personality and creativity on and off the pitch. But the collection is more than just boots, you also get TF boots, sneakers and much more!

Taking a closer look at the boots you see a stylish and disruptive knitted pattern made in two shades of grey, while the collar is made from in a burgundy colour. To top things up the three adidas stripes are made in a silver design, while the iconic PP logo rounds off the look. All these details and colours are linked up to Pogba’s luxurious lifestyle.

The Season 3 Collection is also focusing on taking football out to the streets, and for some reason Pogba seems to know how to do this, with this great collection. The collection offers you a fashion range with products made with the same colours as the Predator boots. The collection offers a new bomber jacket, sweatshirt, t-shirt and much more, making you ready to go full Pogba-mode, when you are done rocking the Predators on the pitch.

Are you ready for the Season 3 Collection, then see the full collection right here. Pre-order it today before it gets sold out!