Last night Lionel Messi knocked in his 90th goal in 2012 against Atletico Madrid and he did so wearing a pair of very special boots. He had left his Yellow/Black Adizero's at home and instead brought a pair of White/Red/Black boots of the same model, which were designed by a lucky fan. Read more about the special boots here.

In November Lionel Messi launched a competition, where he asked all his fans to design him a pair of Adidas F50 Adizero, after which he would pick his favourite and use them. The contestants were not hard to find and in the end there was about 14.200 designs to choose between.

Picking a winner was Lionel Messi's own job and after much “uhhm'ing” and “aahh'ing” he choose Javier Pascual Mullos' design. The design was these White/Red/Black, that design-wise, are very different from the newly released Adizero Yellow/Black. - It was apparently also a boot, that Messi liked. Maybe he just likes the colour red?

Javiers original design was made for the old model and that's why they were, with help from Lionel Messi, made to fit the new Adizero, while still keeping true to the original design. At the same time Messi's personal ID has been embroidered on the boot; Leo 10, the Argentine flag, as well as, the name Thiago – Messi's newborn son.

About his boot Messi said: “I'm very happy with my MiAdidas boots and would like to congratulate Javier on the nice design, – which I'll be wearing against Atletico Madrid. I would also like to thank everyone who sent in designs, they were all really good.”

The competition to design Messis boots came just after Adidas´ “Next Gen Weekend,” where a host of big players got to design their own boot too – Some have been so pleased with them, that they have kept a hold of them; For example you can see Karim Benzema use his Gold/Black Adizero, even though they are from the last generation.

Messi débuted his new boots yesterday and you could definitely call it a successful first game; Barcelona won 4-1 and with two goals, – the one after a less than well executed backheel from Atleticos defense, - he puts his total tally up to an impressive 90 goals in this calendar year. Not a bad harvest and you have to tip your hat in respect, at the Argentinian.

What do you think of Messis new boots? Do you like his yellow Adizero's better? Feel very free to share your thoughts down below, where you can also tell us whether or not Messi is the best footballer ever.