How to improve your weak foot | Become a natural born finisher!


Written by Zlatko

Once again, we are teaming up with Nick Humphries from Train Effective, to give you 3 tips on how you can improve your weak foot. Follow these 3 tips and be consistent, then you are going to end up as unpredictable as Eden Hazard, Cristiano Ronaldo and Harry Kane, who can score with both feet. Imagine if you are one footed, defenders would easily block your shot. But being two footed opens a brand-new world for you, making you more unpredictable, and the defenders will not only have to block your stronger side.

Lets get started with the tips that Nick has for us. Remember that the tips will help you become more effective letting you score more goals and becoming incredibly effective and essentially making you a better striker!

Step 1: Get comfortable

You might think that this step isn’t that important or very hard. But getting comfortable with your weaker foot on the ball gives you an advantage when you want to improve your weaker foot. Therefore, juggle, dribble and pass the ball against a wall with your weaker foot. Do this for five minutes and get comfy and used to use your weak foot.

Step 2: 50 shots

Step 2 is all about shooting with your weak foot and being consistent. Consistency is the main key when wanting to improve your weak foot, because without consistency you will not learn yourself to take the shots. But you shouldn’t just shoot the ball from one place the whole time. Try shooting from different angles and position, getting yourself used to shoot in different situation and with the parts of your foot.

Step 3: Consistency

The most important step must be step 3. Repeat step 1 and 2 consistently for 30 days. Do this and you will build something called muscle-memory, which will help you score more goal, making you more unpredictable and in the end a natural born finisher!

So that’s 3 quick steps which improves your weaker foot. Just remember to compensate with striking the ball with your better foot from time to time. Hit the video below to watch how Nick does it or get inspired by seeing more of our how to videos!