Nike are far from done with presenting us with new colourways and now the Nike T90 Laser IV comes in a wild Black/Total Crimson/Black colourway, that also separates itself from its neon coloured brother, by being Kanga-lite rather microfibre. We will take a closer look at it here. So let's pick our jaws up from the floor and see what our exceptionally gifted photographer has done with it.

Nike T90 Laser IV was originally intended as a strikers boot, but it was quite quickly apparent, that it was a very versatile boot, suitable for all types of players. There's no position on the pitch, that doesn't have a star player with a pair of Laser IV on his feet. But what is it, that has made the Total90-collection such a popular choice? The obvious answer would be the fantastic colourways, but it's not all about aesthetics, so what gives?

You can already now pre-order your pair of Nike T90 Laser IV KL ACC Black/Total Crimson/Black with an expected delivery in the beginning of January 2013 – Just €163

Nikes Total90-collection gets its name from its original concept, that was to deliver sublime comfort for the entirety of a football match; 90 minutes. This is something this new T90 Laser IV can definitely also boast about and this is greatly down to the upper of the boot. Earlier in the boots history, it was standard to use kangaroos leather, but this was very detrimental to the animals limited numbers and since the American brand has gone over to the use of Kanga-lite. It is a microfibre, that emulates the exact same qualities, which we know and love from our bouncy friends down under.

It bases itself on a relatively wide last, which means, that it will comfortably fit just about every type of foot. The formerly mentioned Kanga-lite also delivers a very leathery fit. It also has the distinct advantage of not expanding itself over time, like leather otherwise would, this is as well as it taking in less water and thus getting heavier. These are large contributing factors to the Nike T90 Laser IV massive success, not only commercially, but also among the professionals.

The list is long and very impressive and includes players like Manchester Uniteds Wayne Rooney, who is a avid user of the Nike T90 Laser IV. He is joined by midfielders like Paul Scholes and Wesley Sneijder, who are always seen in the silo and it's diversity really shines through, as it is also a popular choice in the teams backline; Vincent Kompany and Andrea Barzagli have for a long time preferred the Laser IV.

It's almost a routine introducing the revolutionising ACC, All Conditions Control-technology, that is worked into the upper during production. It insures you get the same grip and control on the ball in wet weather conditions, as you would otherwise have in dry. It has an enormously impressive effect and gives you a huge advantage, when facing up to an opponent in torrid weather premisses.

One of the major focus points on the Nike T90 Laser IV, if not the main, is strike capabilities and more specifically the hard and precise shots you get from the inside of your foot. Here you can see the newest development of the Nike Adaptive Shield, that is built up into two zones; Power and Swerve. The combination of the two give you the best preconditions for controlling your shots, so they end up, just where you want them. With precision and power the goalkeepers will soon begin to fear the sight of you charging in at goal.

The colourway goes a very different direction than the Nike T90 Laser IV ACC Volt/Black/Citron, that we had a look at earlier in the week. This leaves us with a new and exciting question; Which of the two will the professionals choose? Or will the support be divided, like we saw with the release of the Adidas Predator LZ colourways? We might just find out in the hectic Christmas and new years period, where we expect to see the new colours début.

On the underside of the boot Nike have used a very flexible soleplate, that gives good springyness, when you need to accelerate. it is also with speed and moveability in mind, that the stud-configuration was designed, where they have preferred bladed studs, that can cut into the pitch and give the necessary grip, to let you get to the ball first.

You can already now pre-order your pair of Nike T90 Laser IV KL ACC Black/Total Crimson/Black with an expected delivery in the beginning of January 2013 – Just €163

We are really looking forward to the busy Christmas period, that is jam packed with football games. Here you will probably get to see the new colourways in action, but which will the professionals choose? Will they pick the sanguine and intimidating K-lite model? Or do you think they prefer the fresh and “In your face” Volt/Black/Citron microfibre version? Tell us what you think in the comment-section down below.