The rumour of a Nike Mercurial Vapor IX is spreading like a wildfire online, and on the social media platforms, players are uploading pictures of their new lightweight boots. In other words, a Vapor IX launch is just around the corner – and now you can sign up to get exclusive information whenever there is anything new regarding the boot. Sign up via and be the first to get the updates as the Vapor IX is launched.

The hype surrounding the Vapor IX increased dramatically around new years, as Luka Modric and Alexander Büttner revealed their new boots from Nike more or less simultaneously – Modric in the training grounds and Büttner via Twitter. Since then, the pace has picked up further, and more players have been spotted wearing the boot, as well as, sharing pictures of it.

Closely following the Büttner and Modric reveal of the Vapor IX, a long range of players from the German clubs were also seen wearing it on their training camps in warmer climate areas. Among others, Ribery, Shaqiri, Gustavo, Mandzukic, Arnautovic, Götze and Perisic were seen wearing the boot that has yet to be launched.

More and more often we are seeing that the brands choose to launch two colourways; a main colourway for everyone, and a secondary colourway that hardly gets any player support – but with the Vapor IX things seem to be a little different as we are already seeing player support for both launch colours.

Out of nowhere a third boot suddenly came along to join the party – the CR Mercurial IX, which celebrates Cristiano Ronaldo and his outstanding season. Ronaldo has already given the extremely limited boot its match début. The exclusive boot is only produced in 100 pairs across the globe, and we have of course secured a limited quantity.

Alexander Büttner had apparently started a trend, and shortly afterwards Samuel Armenteros from the Dutch team Heracles joined him in showing off his new boots on the various social media. From here on things escalated and really started picking up speed, as a great number of players started sharing their new Vapor IX-pictures.

This is why we, in the last couple of days, have seen superstars like; Neymar Jr., The Fresh Prince Of Milan, El Sharaawy, Robinho and Oviedos boots on Facebook and Twitter, which has naturally created great hype around the new boot. It is rare, that a boot has been so exposed and explored, already before the release, and this is why we are looking very much forward to officially unveiling it to you, with the Vapor IX-release planed in the middle of January.

Are you also caught in the Vapor IX-buzz, and can you not wait for the boot to come out, then you can sign up for exclusive information, when the boot is released. Just follow the link right here; and type in your e-mail address, then you can be sure not to miss any Vapor IX related news.

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The launch of Vapor IX is closing in, and with big stars like Ronaldo, Neymar and Ribery already endorsing it, things are looking very promising for the new Mercurial Vapor IX. We are really looking forward to launching it – and would love to hear what you think about the new boot. Do you love it, and which colour is your favourite?