It has been a busy weekend of football and we have kept our eyes peeled, so we could bring the very finest boot spots from the biggest games around the world. We have been around the world and back, with the Africa Cup of Nations and European pitches in special focus. This has paid dividends and we have once more been spoiled with top drawer boot spots, which you can see right here.

Serdar Tasci (Stuttgart) – Adidas Adipure III White/Black In last nights game between Stuttgart and Bayern Munich, we are sure that Bastian Schweinsteiger couldn't help, but stop and stare at this gentleman boots. Serdar Tasci has managed to stay loyal to his Adidas Adipure III, just like Schweinsteiger, before he defected to the Adidas F50 Adizero. A stylish and classic choice, that is worthy of applause from here.

Santi Cazorla (Arsenal) – Warrior Sports Skreamer Pro K-lite Blackout The Gunners little midfield general has this season been a faithful Adidas Adipure 11Pro user, but now things look like they might be about to change for the wee Spaniard. At training we caught a glimpse of him training in a pair of blackouted Warrior Sports Skreamer Pro K-lite and if he does sign for the Americans, he would be adding to an increasingly impressive roster of Premier League stars. Fellaini, Gutierrez and Vincent Kompany, are all players who are currently flirting with the brand.

Jose Baxter (Oldham) – Warrior Sports Skreamer Pro K-Lite Blue/Orange In the lower leagues it looks like the American brand has also been making an impression and one of the players we spotted in the Sunday FA Cup game between Liverpool and Oldham was Jose Baxter. He featured from the start of the game in a pair of Warrior Sports Skreamer Pro K-Lite Blue/Orange and therefore witnessed the miracle, as Oldham in stunning fashion beat The Reds with the final score of 3-2.

John Terry (Chelsea) – Umbro Speciali Pro III White/Black The Champions League winners were inches away from playing their way out of yet another tournament, when they had to settle for a 2-2 draw with Brentford, who rank two divisions lower than Chelsea. John Terry started the game and quite surprisingly he did so in a pair of Umbro Speciali Pro III White/Black. The Captain was on a contract with the English brand for a long time, but in the summer his deal was terminated, after the whole Ferdinand ordeal. For a long time it looked like Nike had snatched him up, but now he is back in familiar boots, will he stay?

Craig Smith (St. Mirren) – Nike Air Zoom Total90 Black/White Now this is the definition of an old school boot spot! In the Scottish league we caught Craig Smith in a pair of the super classic Nike Air Zoom Total90 – the first of the now legendary collection. It must have made quite an impression on Craig Smith, that since then has seen no reason to change them. Do you remember them? Did you maybe own a pair?

Albert Danquah-Adomag (Ghana) – Puma Evospeed 1 Ducati SL Limited Edition It had to be the Africa Cup of Nations, that delivered the first spot of the greatly limited Puma boot. Ghanas number 10 has not only got an unusually cool name, but he can also boast a pretty awesome boot collection too. We assume this on the background of his choice of these Evospeed 1 SL Ducati, that he as the first professional, has played in.

Khalid Askri (Marokko) – Adidas F50 Adizero RS7 Yellow/Blue Now this is a peculiar boot spot indeed; Marokkos reserve goalkeeper has chosen a pair of rugby-lightweight boot and that's a very rare sight. A pair of Adidas F50 Adizero RS7 Yellow/Blue is designed for rugby use, but this wasn't going to stop Askri from using a pair. The design is also right on the money and it looks very quick, which is the ultimate compliment for a speed boot.

Emmanuel Adebayor (Togo) – Adidas F50 Adizero Yellow/Black Custom There was much doubt whether or not the Tottenham striker would be going to the Africa Cup of Nations, but in the end he opted to play for his country. He has chosen to honour and express his patriotism with a pair of especially designed boots. Adebayor has had a pair of Adidas F50 Adizero Yellow/Black, made with a few cool design features, like the Adidas stripes being in colour style with the Togo flag – Good style.

Christian Terlizzi (Pescara) – Nike T90 Laser II Yellow/Black Probably one of the most missed boots today and it was therefore not without jealousy, that we included Terlizzi and his Nike T90 Laser II Yellow/Black in our boot spots. He deserves credit for more than just picking a fantastic boot, because another thing worthy of plaudits is also that he also has chosen a colourway, that matches Percaras perfectly.

Robert Maximiliano Peryra (Udinese) – Nike GS2 ACC White/Black They are world renowned for their sense of style in Italy and we think it is more than geographical shape, that has given them the name the “boot-country”. Udinese have a young Argentinian in their team, in the shape of Peryra, who like Terlizzi before him, manages to compliment his kit with his choice of boot very well.

Antonio Di Natale (Udinese) Asics Lethal Tigreor 5 IT Black/Green/White One of the most consistently dangerous players in world football is this gentleman, who continues to score goals upon goals for Udinese. He has kept true to a single boot brand throughout his career and this is Japanese Asics. In their vast selection he prefers the Asics Lethal Tigreor 5 IT Black/Green/White, which combines Kangaroos leather and microfibre, to make a light and comfortable boot.

Gianpiero Pinzi (Udinese) – Asics Testimonial Black/White The Japanese boot manufacturer actually has a quite impressive following in the Italian Serie A and on the above picture you can see two players who wear their boots. The man on the right is Gianpiero Pinzi, who has chosen a pair of Asics Testimonial Black/White, but to pep them up a bit, he has chopped off the boot-tongue and added some blue laces.

May Sphiwe Mahlangu (South Africa) – Puma v1.10 SL Blue/White/Black South African Maglunga is a man who likes to hold on to his favourite boots – and his Puma v1.10 SL in Blue/White/Black is an excellent example of this. It was the first Puma Velocity SL-boot, but wasn't quite as popular as the follow up v1.11, it did however pave the way for different way of thinking, when it came to boots and it therefore can be considered the foundation for their EvoSpeed collection. We have to compliment Mahlangu and it is always nice to see a special boot like this, on the feet of a national team player.

There was something for everyone in todays boot spots and we got to see everything from American, to German and Japanese boots in action. Which spot do you think is this weeks best? Have we missed something? Share your comment in the box below.