Top 5 World Cup haircuts | Genius or crazy?


Written by Zlatko

The World Cup gives so much when it it’s held. We have previously seen the World Cup ball history and Top 5 crazy red cards, but something that always seems to amuse us is the new styles of haircuts. We have gathered our Top 5 over World Cup haircuts, but are they genius or plain crazy?

5 - Romanian World Cup squad

Following their win against England in the group stages, Romania went full blond for the rest of the tournament. Featuring some of the greatest players from the 90’s, such as Hagi, Lacatus and Petrescu, the Romanian squad celebrated their progress to the knockout stage with bleaching the hair blond. The reason behind this was to bring the team good luck, but they ended already short in their next match against Croatia and was knocked out of the World Cup, so much for luck. The only thing I can think of when seeing the pictures is “Will The Real Slim Shady please stand up”.

4 - Roberto Baggio

I’m still trying to guess the style on this haircut. Mullet, ponytail, rat’s tail or plaits? Hard to say but Baggio rocked the look and even added pearls to his look, win or loss - don’t know? It’s like mystery I can’t solve, and I don’t know if it’s a go or no go. But the Il Divin Codino, yeah he got nicknamed The Divine Ponytail, was a class players who knew where the goal was, and was most of all known for his penalty miss in the World Cup finale against Brazil.

3 - Carlos Valderrama

The only way you knew he wasn’t playing was if you couldn’t spot the golden afro on the pitch. El Pibe might have one of the most famous afro’s in football history, which made him a well-known player in Europe, even though he spend most of his time in South and North America. You could say that the golden afro matched his flamboyant style of playing, which also made him play 111 times for the Columbian national team. A true legend of football!

2 - Ronaldo

We can’t ignore one of football’s all-time greatest. The haircut became world famous after his move to the barber salon after the Quarter finals win against England. There were talks about Ronaldo getting this haircut to remove the critic's constant talks about his poor fitness and his fondness to fast food. Well he really didn’t manage to move their attention from him with this haircut, but they kinda stopped talking about his fitness and talked more about the hair. With his half-shaven and triangle combo haircut he sealed the World Cup trophy for Brazil with his two goals against Germany.

1 - Taribo West

We’ve seen many players pull off some crazy looks or bleached their hair which they gave up. But Taribo West might be more famous for his hairstyle rather than his play on the pitch, and rocked his look over 15-years. His green antenna look gave him the first spot on our Top 5 World Cup haircuts. I actually don’t have to much to say about this look, because the pictures really tells the story. I can’t seem to figure out if I’m crazy about it or just speechless after seeing it again 20 years later.

This was our top 5 World Cup haircuts. We can’t wait to see if the 2018 World Cup has some more crazy haircuts or surprises for us. Our best guess is that Neymar is going to pull something, but who are you betting on?